Prince Alfred Richmond Tue, Sep 18 2018 19:00

Quizzical got the most points but we all won for meeting Wilfred

Rian H

Tonight was a bad night for Trivia and general knowledge but a darn good night for fun. Moving outside to accommodate for Wilfred the poodle we all had to settle into a slightly different configuration, but with Wilfred hoping around and making friends left, right and centre it quickly become ok.

Lot's of wrong answers tonight, and some of the best heckling yet. It felt grand being around a group that was happy to get involved. Potentially being outside may have helped with this but we all felt a bit of the pre-summer giddiness settle in. Let's get quizzical were serious from the get-go and weren't here to do anything but win. They managed to crack a couple of smiles along the way through.

Great night all round, can't wait for next week!

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