Prince Alfred Richmond Tue, Sep 25 2018 19:00

They Came In Felix-ing Those Brain Muscles

Rian H

What happened to the warmth? I swear I remember it being delightful only a week ago. Yet, here we are, a bitter chill in the air. I'm not for it. Which made it all the more pleasant to bathe myself in the warmth of some solid, good-natured compassion and company on a Tuesday. Two previous winners returned to battle it out between themselves. Ultimately, we all won for being there. But more literally, "Felix" took their 3rd title out of 4 appearances. Not a bad run for them. Trivia fiends, your target has been set. "Felix" are in need of some ruffled feathers. Feel free to come down and knock them off their perch. (They're lovely guys though, so don't go haranguing them in their daily life.)

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