Provincial Tue, Sep 04 2018 19:30

The Provincial Is a Dang Classy Venue

Rian H

This week The Provincial once again provided us all with an invigorating game of trivia, with plenty of twists, turns, jugs, parmas, and paper planes. The winners, "Buchan the Trend," returned from a six-week hiatus to absolutely clean up by the end of the game, where a tied second place was battled for in a brutal but respectful game of ConnectFour. We are at an interesting juncture in the game dynamics at the Provincial - "Buchan the Trend" and "Chilli Wong," the two strongest teams in the competition, are finally playing against each other after many weeks of missing each other like ships in the night. This week, we learned that Rian will TRY to sing anything that he feels the need to, that the President will not stop hounding us to put U.S. boots on lunar soil, and we all witnessed the terrifying power of free jugs aplenty. See you next week!

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