Provincial Tue, Jun 11 2019 19:30

The Provincial Welcomes All!

Rian H

Last night at the Provincial saw a slightly smaller crowd pitting their wits against each other in this classic trivia venue. In the end, it was the ever persistent "Foreigners Attempting Trivia" who took out first place - a great achievement for a team who have added so much to the competition every week! This week we learned that Rudyard Kipling is a forgettable hack, that the funny bone doesn't really exist, and that when it comes to the Queen, not everyone wants God to save her - but we can all agree that... well, we can't seem to actually agree on what role if any she should play... or even, truth be told, what she does. What does she do? She seems like a great woman. What is her job though specifically? Anyway, happy birthday!

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