Skinny Dog Hotel Mon, Dec 11 2017 19:30

Buttered Up with Macarons

Andrew B

I do love a sweet treat and for the last two weeks the unofficial captain of the Ninja's, Amy, has brought in home baked macarons of passionfruit and pistachio variety, bloody delicious. But having been in the trivia game for nigh on 14 years I can say I have been offered all sorts of goodies in exchange for bonus points. Some involve food, others cannot be mentioned for legal reasons. Let's just say that as I've matured I've learnt to refuse such offerings and let their brains do the talking. Well... Amy's team came in equal first and were then beaten on the buzzer by Mixed Nuts in a tiebreaker who almost got the year Scrabble was released right on the button! Well done to all. Back on next week as the end of the yearly quickly approaches! Oh and check out the bloke who won $210 in Higher or Lower... he baulked at $80 to cash out, good choice!

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