Union Hotel Windsor Tue, Sep 27 2016 19:30

Oops...It Ha-Punned Again

Sam H

As I was guest hosting for the evening, I learned a few things about the crowd...and myself. Let's just say the French isn't my strong suit. After mangling the pronunciation of 'lapin au vin rouge' several times (glasses broke, dogs howled painfully in the distance) I handed the mic over to a table full of French-speakers who corrected my sin upon a beloved language.
The Bonus round question was won easily by an American - Steve - who felt so guilt-ridden for answering a question about U.S. Capitals that he offered a bounty of a shot to another team so I invented another Bonus round question on the fly to the merriment of the pub.
The Pun For Your Life gang won with aplomb but I suspect the team who came second shall attempt to knock them off their comfortable perch.

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