Village Belle Wed, Nov 07 2018 19:30

Melbourne Jug

Luke L

Cup Day over, tonight was a quiet night as everyone slept off their hangovers and laid flowers on the grave of Cliffs Of Moher. Sam Allardyce last week changed their team name formula from Sam Allardyce’s... (weekly topical Sam Allardyce biographical detail) to R.I.P... (weekly topical death). Last week it was Apu. This week it was the fallen cup horse Cliffs Of Moher.
"R.I.P." won the tie breaker for second by one point and also won the paper planes (which was this week dubbed the Melbourne Jug, because it was a jug of Melbourne Bitter) while quiet achievers "The Dark Side" took out first place. The Malibu and Pineapple prize (one single, awful, yet strangely enjoyable beverage) for second last went to "This Guy And Sons".

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