West Beach Bathers Pavilion Thu, Apr 05 2018 19:00

Forfeit Due to Bedtime Leads to Victory for Hot Singles!

Connor S

'Hot Singles In Your Area' are a loyal team. They turn up on school holidays. They live by the words, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." And persistence pays off, with 'Hot Singles' being the only team to finish tonight's quiz at West Beach Bathers Pavilion.
Unfortunately, not thinking ahead, and not splitting their team of seven into two teams meant they could only take home one prize! The Rules can be a harsh mistress.
Let me offer some information about the other team, 'Team Gus'. They're brothers. They're in primary school. Their team is named after their dog. Their dad is not on their team but he helps out if they can remember the details of the question as they run outside to his table to tell him. How's this though they won a lightning round (scoring a cola and a raspberry), and the paper plane toss off (scoring a milkshake) against the champion team, 'Hot Singles'. So they rock.
But 'Hot Singles' absolutely mercilessly slaughtered those children in terms of score and even contested some of their answers during the marking. Team Gus had to leave for bed after question 25, before the very end of the quiz, so their final score will forever remain a mystery.
Pictured is the 'Hot Singles', 'Team Gus' are unable to be published due to them being too cool! Also pictured is some lewd, nude pictures and antiquated signs for rules to bathe at the Pav.
The quiz will be back next week, same place, same time, see you there! We need another team so we can award 2nd place!

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