West Beach Bathers Pavilion Thu, Mar 08 2018 19:00

Hot Singles in Your Area are runner ups again!

Connor S

Another beautiful twilight quiz at The West Beach Bathers' Pavilion has seen blow-ins 'Team Reid' (on a family holiday from Cairns, don't you know) snatch first place from quiz regulars 'Hot Singles In Your Area'. They were able to see the bright side however, winning a glass of beer from the lightning round, a jug of beer from the paper plane toss off, and a bottle of wine for 2nd place. This makes the 3rd week in a row that 'Hot Singles' have come 2nd. Have they had to pay for a single drink? We'll never know.
The Classiest Exit Award goes to the representatives from Fairfield Park Boathouse's, the teams- 'Vanilla Supreme', '40c xtra 4 TA', and 'Sue's Team'- slid into a stretch Hummer limousine. Clinking champagne glasses were heard.
Another reminder that this is a dog-friendly venue. Bring your dog so I can pat them. There were some great dogs in tonight, and this quiz master patted all of them! Dogs!

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