West Beach Bathers Pavilion Thu, Apr 26 2018 19:00

One Woman Band Outplays 3-Piece

Connor S

First of all, a big thank you to Eve E for covering for me last week, I hope they were good to you!

To business, a team has to be cohesive if it's going to win, and if you haven't learnt to play nice, you're going to feel the sting, like 'Hot Singles In Your Area' found out tonight. Friction within the team, usually a love polygon of some description- tonight a hate triangle- cost them the quiz to one woman army What! in tonight's quiz at West Beach Bathers Pavilion. Quizzing on her own tonight, while hubby stays at work on the phone to Singapore, What! came through with the goods while Hot Singles doubted their own answers and chose to not submit answers (which were usually correct) rather than risk being wrong. A five-point lead by the end secured the $50 voucher for What! and Hot Singles will just have to cry into their bottle of wine as runners-up.
It was pretty nice for these two teams, sharing all the prizes tonight, like shooting fish in a barrel for them, so I ask you, where the bloody hell are you? Come and demolish these posers, they're just begging for it (just kidding, love you Hot Singles and What). Look at all these empty seats with your team's name on it. And look they've turned the heaters on, it's so tasty and delicious mmmmmm.

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