West Beach Bathers Pavilion Thu, Mar 01 2018 19:00

Returning Jug Winner Leads New Team to Victory

Connor S

The quiz at West Beach Bathers' Pavilion is growing ever more competitive as experienced teams discover this gem of a location, and try their luck. Quiz takers take note, this is a dog friendly bar and restaurant with beach views, great food and drink, and a glorious sunset.
A true rags-to-riches story, Jonas, who last week had to postpone his jug of beer after a dynamite performance in the half-time-paper-plane-toss-off - to take his children home, has returned to to lead his newly formed team 'Jonas is M.I.A' to victory, winning the first quiz this Autumn. Victory was achieved in a stunning three way tie breaker question which saw elected members of the aforementioned 'Jonas is M.I.A', 'The Periodic Table Dancers' and 'Hot Singles In Your Area' take their best shot at the exact height of the world record holding men's pole vault. It was exhilarating to see.
Runner ups 'Hot Singles In Your Area' have won their 2nd bottle of wine in a row, and are desperate for the $50 bar and kitchen coupon first prize.
Past winners 'The Quizlamic Extremists' were thrown off their usual strong games but brought the humour, naming the incantation for Harry Potter style glasses repair as "Shoulda Gone to Spec Savers."
Join us next week at 7pm!

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