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Beware the sting of the Bumble Bee

Sean L

Teams poised, first prize in all sights, the flag went down and the games began.
Cam's Idiots and Sara-hen were head to head after round one. The first sting from the Bumble Bees came after round two. A point short of a perfect round handed them the lead. 'Murray Cod' fought a fierce round but had o leave the competition early.
The audio round had 'Cam's Idiots' fighting back winning this round. Was it enough?
'Bumble Bees' had a shocker in round 4, 'Cam's Idiots' leaping up the scores but it was a single point short at the end of the play. A well-fought battle split the tow by one point. 'Bumble Bees' taking out the first prize, cheered on by the rest, 'Cam's Idiots' in second and an honorable bronze medal for 'Sara-hen'. Well done all, see you and friends again next week!

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