Yarra Valley Grand Hotel   Thu, May 03 2018 19:30

First of Eight, Smarties n Masters, Eagles n Tiggies, Casba n Mr Whites

Sean L

The players readied pens and brains as silence took the room. 'The Quiz Masters' turned on the mic and blasted the first question to set the battle off. At the end of round one, there were only 2 points separating the entire field, good job teams!! 'The Smarties' and 'The Quiz Mastersleapt' ahead. A fantastic round for both. 'The Quiz Masters' missing a perfect round by a point and 'The Smarties' by half a point! 'Mr Whites and Casba' looked threatening in the sound round...a short-lived challenge. 'The Test Eagles' and 'The Tiggies' faced demons in the last 10 but nailed the cryptics, cynics and critics. The Quizmaster, Sean, dropped the ball and skipped a few questions causing some confusion..." just keeping you all on your toes" didn't spare him from a few comical pot shots from the punters. The chequered came out and was taken out by 'The Smarties'! closely behind by half a point was 'The Quiz Masters', brilliant performance by all teams. I feel privileged to have quizzed such a great group, thanks all and see you again soon!

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