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Saddle Club ride away with first prize

Sean L

'Saddle Club' and 'Flegan' left the gates charging. Coming up to the first bend at question 10, 'The Saddle Club' were ahead by one length. 'Flegan' then showed their worth by taking out the bonus question within seconds.
'The Saddle Club' were soon sprinting ahead, leading by 3 at the halfway point.
The engineering skills of the paper plane builders saw the competition get fierce and the plane throw wnet to best of 3. 'Flegan' took the distance trophy and earned a jug of the finest amber nectar this side of Melbourne.
The second round was closely jousted but 'The Saddle Club' proved to be the gallant winners. Even with 'Flegan' outnumbered, their second place was celebrated with vigor.
Congratulations to 'The Saddle Club' for winning the First Prize tonight. They have vowed to be back! See you soon...

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