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Strength in numbers, no joke, (or maybe coz there was a Sheila)

Sean L

On a cold, dark Melbourne night, a band of mortals came to a country pub to test their wits at a famous weekly challenge. Armed with tasty beverages and a desire to win, they knocked the quizmasters' questions away with gusto.
'3 Blokes & a Sheila' had round 1 in the bag. Made in YG had some ammo in their arsenal taking out the first free drink and halftime paper plane challenge, a well crafted aero missile saw no challenge from others, had the team earn a jug of the finest to share. 'Andy Goodwin Sucks', the best dressed contender had to leave at halftime, (so the others might have a chance, he said), Sporting!!! Goodman. 'Made in YG' just couldn't catch up after round 3 and the sound round took its' prisoners!
Well done all teams! You fought hard, but there can be only one! 3 blokes & a Sheila!!!!
See you next week quiz goers!!

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Made in YG
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