Yarra Valley Grand Hotel   Tue, Nov 28 2017 19:00

Team 'Rehab is for Quitters' are on fire

Sean L

On a beautiful Yarra Valley evening the teams readied for battle. Pens loaded, minds in gear, the Quizmaster began firing.. 'Rehab' took an early lead in round one but 'I thought this was speed dating' dominated round two and took out the half-time aviation challenge with an expertly crafted paper plane and earned a Jug of cheer. The next rounds were closely fought but the Highlander motto of "there can be only one" sat in the minds of the Rehab crew. Deathly silence hung in the room as the scores were added up. As the winner was announced the crowds went off, cheering for all players equally in a show of true sportsmanship..
The "Rehab is for quitters" captain gladly accepted first prize and delivered a moving speech.
What a great night for all. We're all looking forward to the next time, see you there!

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