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The Battle of DUGURK, Who's Norfolk 'n Goode?

Sean L

The night looked like it might not even get off the ground but Laura used her charm to get
the first contestants locked in. The rest fell into place after that and the game was on.
'Norfolk 'n Goode' was an amalgamated team with a Croydon/Gold Coast twist.
'DUGURK', first cab off the rank went from strength to strength even though this was a duo. 'Clubbers' sat quietly in the corner, you gotta beware the quiet ones! With a great round one and two under their belts and coming in second at this stage.
they sadly had to bow out at halftime but said they would be back with a bigger team for another joust.
'Scott-No-Work-Ethic' were piling on the points but also had a chant of 'clues please'. Top of the ladder at halftime with a perfect round 2, they appear to fall down from the audio round. 'DUGURK' were steady and took first prize! 'Norfolk 'n Goode' taking a well-deserved silver medal. See you all next week!

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