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"Tomahawks" Chop Up The Competition

Sean L

Four teams poised for victory but there can be only one champion. Only half a point separated the team after the first round. Three teams even and one leader after 10. No correct answers for the free drink question so back were called in. We had a champ!
Lots of laughs in round 2, a Belgian accent had the word Decade sound more like D*ckhead, very funny. Halftime challenge went to the WA delegates, "West is Best". How ironic that the audio round featured Village People's 'Go West', again lots of laughs.
Silence hovered the air for prizegiving. Locals "4 years it's coming home" taking silver and out of towners, "Tomahawks" earning a well deserved first prize. The big-hearted "Tomahawks" kindly donating their first prize to locals, "Fighting Mongooses".
Thanks to all for coming, see you again next week!!!

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