Yarra Valley Grand Hotel   Thu, Jun 14 2018 19:30

What a night of Debauchery!! (oops, what a night FOR Debauchery)

Sean L

'Team Debauchery' had strength in numbers and brains it turns out. Craig's Angels had a perfect first round with a magnificent 10 to boot. The lone ranger of Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies getting close in the next round, one point separating the top two. The lone ranger had his eyes on the halftime challenge prize of a tasty jug of beer to himself, and his fine throw to another end of the building saw him win it...Good job!
'Freddy and Friends' tried hard but could not get ahead in the audio round and the final round.
'Craig's Angels' had a gallant final round but Debauchery really had the metal!

Well done all teams, we will see you again soon!!

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