Camden T
Tuesday Oct 22 @ 6 pm

Are You Smarter Than A Two Year Old?

It isn’t often that you host a trivia night and you feel outwitted by a child, but tonight was the proof that it can happen. At two years old, Chanel managed to decimate the entire room with the mini-game of true or false, beating everyone in the room and spinning the wheel of fortune resulting in (not) winning a free pot of their choice. Which obviously due to liquor licensing legislations and not owning a proof of ID card, they won a glass of water. It just goes to show you though that even though you...

David M
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm


It just kept going and was dead good and that. Really exciting yeah. There was Play Your Cards Right and that and it was dead good but they didn't win. Awwwww. Lots of tears and laughing. But other than that it was great. And then in the end bit it got dead, dead exciting and close and then suddenly out of nowhere Pizza Slice or French Fries won it and everyone had a good time.

Joseph T
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Cosy in The King's Embrace

Only a small portion of Chelsea turned out for tonight's questions, but it was enough. The American Expats were tonight's biggest losers as they somehow got about a 3rd of their first half score in the second half. But returning to use their £40 tab and defend the title was Stealy B Caviar with a whopping 41 points! Rightly walking away with yet more in pub spending money.

Charlie S
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

'Two's Company' Win the Jackpot!

Starting out with just 4 teams, plus 3 late entrants, 2 of which had to dip out early, meant only 5 teams were battling it out tonight for the various prizes. The first place £50 bar tab went to the epically titled 'it started out with a quiz it was only a quiz how did it end up like this it was only a quiz, it was only a quiz', while the second-to-last bottle of wine went to 'And then there were 2'. But the big winners this week were 'Two's Company', taking home the jackpot,...

Adam J
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

The Scouting Puppies do it again

Always a pleasure to cover The Grapes in Limehouse, and today was no exception. The quizzers are avid, excited and ready to compete against one another for the almight prize of a £50 bar tab, or even the grand jackpot this week of £90! 80 people made the quiz a raucous affair, and they battled through audio questions, a rather large amount of cartoon characters, and what seemed to be a dodo (it wasn't). We were lucky enough to have the cast, director and writer of The Good Scout at the quiz, appearing at Above The...

Mark H
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Quizzly Bears claw their way to victory

Quizzly Bears could bearly believe they'd won but with a fur-ocious first half where they scored maximum points, they managed to get a total of 38 points and went home with a £50 bar tab. The free drinks went to Gracia of Aupairevolution and Ollie of Pads + Ols, with Pads + Ols also taking home the free bottle of wine! 2nd place was won by Quizzie Rascals with an impressive score of 31.75, which earned them a £25 bar tab as well,

Daniel H
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Let's Get Down to Quizness

Wonderful teams in tonight at the Bucks Head in Camden and a very noisy pub outside the quiz but still a lovely atmosphere inside our bubble with our regular teams vying for first place. The jackpot goes up and stands at £82 next week. See you here every Monday for our weekly pub quiz!

Elliot F
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Happy Birthday Fil!

What a momentous night for Fil and his team. Not only did he turn 25 today but he and the gang romped off with our top prize of a £50 bar tab. Not a bad way to celebrate a quarter of a century. Just behind them were our first-timers Event Horizon with a great score of 32 keeping things competitive until the end. See you all next week!

Ellie W
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

£100 next week!

Great to see you all again this evening, nice to hear your quizzing stories from the past few weeks! Congrats to the winners this evening who stick all their 1st place sheets to the fridge door! The photo is the current £££ in the jackpot that could be yours - also note the fabulous Christmas menu (The Black Horse is open Xmas Day for a roast!)

Jason T
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

The law takes things in hand

It was Barrister Deborah and her Darlings that stormed to victory as new winners at the latest KPH pub quiz in Ladbroke Grove. They knew things about Daniel Radcliffe that other teams did not. And it was another brand new team of ladies called 'Lethal Quizal' who managed to come second-to-last to win the wine. It was great to see so many people having fun at this growing and fun weekly event. See you very soon!

Aukash Z
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Oh Canada win tonight

It was another eventful evening of quizzing. It was nice to see the venue busy, and so many people getting involved in the quiz. The players enjoyed there time. The picture sheet is always received well, and this week was no different. Huge shout out to the winners, who obtained a very high score of 34.

Joe G
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

All the Buzz of the Quiz!

The Bluecoats last night played host to the largest congregation of quizzers Bruce Grove has ever seen (probably), as Quizically Fit scored their FOURTH consecutive win, not to mention an unsuccessful shot at the increasingly engorged jackpot. The whole of Tottenham is on tentahooks for next week's installment, when we will find out of anyone can defeat the former and/or claim the latter, in an event so potentially riotous that not even Bercow could restore order.

Peter C
Monday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

No Hat trick tonight.

Winners for the last two weeks, The QZA , were after a hat trick tonight, but graciously took third place instead. Challengers from Devon and from Adelaide joined regulars and the contest was on ! New local team The Lord of the Hummus won the tie breaker against the Devonshire Dumplings for the bottle of wine. But the Devonshire Dumplings did get closest on the Jackpot question... but didn't get through the cards. The £50 first prize voucher went to Magistrate out of Compton. See you all next week

Daniel C
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Barney Chose A Bad Team Name this weeks champs

Barney Chose A Bad Team Name were our top team tonight, scoring 40 points to take take top spot and walk away with a £50 bar tab. Close behind were Lea Quiserables on 35 to take that bottle of wine, it was close to a double winning night for them as they were also the team to enter our play your cards right jackpot round and after a fantastic start they opted to go higher than an 8 to sadly be shown another 8 which unfortunately looses in this game, but on the plus side with...

Gaetan P
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Unlucky Jackpot

Despite it being a quiet night, all 3 teams were going for the win. After the first round "Three in a Bedford" were in an impressive lead despite not gaining any points from creative 'make your own paper plane' round. That didn't mean "Team With No Name" weren't going to give up. They kept their heads cool to finally come back to win the quiz. 2 drink questions were impressively won by the same person and you could tell she was very happy with the prize. The night ended with the jackpot question where "Three in...

Keith H
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm


Asin, The House team (though sadly anatomically confused as to their team name) won the pot at their fist appearance, but, by way of proving this is not rigged did not win any booze, or the prize for best team name. I love the atmosphere here. The teams that assure us they can never win anything, vie for the lead all night, all of you know much more than you think you do, people spontaneously tend to mark generously, and some of you guess astonishingly well ( 65 Days....your guess at the song lyric - oh...

Luke M
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm


Team Triple Triumphed in the trivia tiebreaker to test which of this week's top should finished top of the pile. It was a dead heat between them and team Room For Some More. Neither of them are used to losing, particularly on tiebreakers, but it had to happen and boy this week it did. Knowledge of assassinated presidents came in handy, and this led victory Join us next week for more of the same

Tok A
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Quiztina Aguilera are the ones to beat

So the Brewhouse Kitchens quiz is up and running. Third week it’s going steady at the pace a new quiz is usually expected to go. Usually in a more established quiz you have the regulars who play every week and each quiz tends to have a team that wins more often than not and already, it seems as though we have some contenders. Four lovely Twentysomethings who created a team called Quiztina Aguilera (I honestly think their should be prizes for best names) let me in a little secret. “We trawl around for quizzes a lot...

Andy D
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Perseverance pays off!

An absolutely smashing night at The Perseverance in Bloomsbury tonight. 12 teams descended to take part but only one winner came through with the goods. Bar dwellers ‘Terrorist Synthesizers’ took the lead with 4 teams all following up behind, all on 36 points. The delightful couple from the wrong side of The Pennines ‘Martian Jeanius’ happily scooped up a bottle of house red for their efforts. Perhaps the real winners tonight however were ‘half empty threats’ who came with no expectations and left with £200 in cash for their sixth sense and indeed excellent knowledge of...

Simon P
Monday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Two Girls One Brum Wins Their First Trivia!

Seven teams entered, meaning the jackpot at The White Swan was very tantalising! Be careful with the cryptic questions-but should Canadians just visiting get extra points for that? Ultimately, we had three teams win prizes, so the odds can be in your favour! Huge Congrats to our winners, “Two Girls One Brum,” and big congrats for the newly weds from Sharp Breeze Gets Married!

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