Question One, probably the world's greatest Social Network.

Question One is a leading provider of pub and corporate entertainment across three continents.

Facebook, SnapChat & Twitter boast millions of users who connect via their Social Networks. We connect 1,000s of real people each week in pubs and other venues across London, Melbourne & Houston. We not only discourage people from using their cellphones and other digital devices we prohibit it.

For 2 hours each week 1,000s of users turn off and disconnect from their digital lives and socially connect, Quiz making Question One the world's largest Real Social Network.

  • 6,848 people

    entertained last week

  • 207 venues

    host an event each week

Over 3,000 people quiz
with Question One each week

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Mix socially with others. Take part in social activities; interact with others; to talk to and do things with other people in a friendly way.

"The young man hates to socialise"

synonyms interact, converse, be sociable, mix, mingle, get together, meet, keep company, fraternize, consort;

antonyms keep oneself to oneself

The thing that we are trying to do [socially], is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.
Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook CEO
I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs.
Andy Warhol — Pop Artist


We used Question One for our annual firm’s pub quiz in October. Rob came along to act as quizmaster and I have to say that as always, Rob exceeded our expectations. We had several rounds and over 200 people in the room, however he managed to command the audience, make people laugh and he managed to stump a few of the self-proclaimed brainboxes of the firm. He was well-researched, charming, resolute and clear – particularly when debating answers to some of the more obscure questions. Rob left a great impression on everyone including the national charity that the event was run for – who have requested his details for future quizzes. All in all, he was great support, particularly as the staff at our chosen venue were not up to scratch and at points, people were getting restless. Great service, we will definitely use Question One again.


I used QuestionOne for private hire at a corporate event, making the booking with them is very easy, they are professional and responded to all of my queries in a timely manner. My host for the night was Ben, he was a fantastic host, he was punctual, friendly, funny, (and put up with my drunk colleagues!) I will definitely be using QuestionOne again!!

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