Terms and conditions pertaining to the Fuller's venue offer 2017:

  1. You commit to a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks of quizzing. The cost of the lowest priced quiz will be deducted from the invoice in calendar month one and calendar month two.

  2. You are at liberty to cancel the service after 8 consecutive weeks with no penalty if the quiz has not averaged more than 20 players during its currency.

  3. If you wish to cancel after 8 consecutive weeks and the quiz has averaged more than 20 players during its currency, in order that we can recoup costs incurred you must give 4 weeks notice of cancellation, or pay 4 weeks at the average cost of the preceding quizzes.

  4. The quiz set up pack includes loan of a microphone kit if necessary, printed posters and flyers, paid for advertising on social media (for launch) and industry websites, staff time for flyering and promotions, and a cash contribution of £50 toward a jackpot prize.

  5. A cancellation fee of £35 applies if the quiz does not go ahead on the night due to lack of participants, weather or transport issues, or if the client cancels the quiz within a 24 hour period prior to the agreed start time.

  6. The cost of each quiz is £60 + £1 per player + VAT, with the venue receiving all entry fees. For example, a quiz of 35 players = £60 + £35 = £95 + VAT, less entry fees based on £2 per player (£70) means the net cost of the quiz is £25 before prizes.

  7. The venue is responsible for supplying, maintaining and securing all prizes and jackpot monies.

General Terms and Conditions for 2017:

  1. At the end of the quiz, the Quizmaster reports player numbers electronically to Question One (Q1) for invoicing. The Quizmaster also obtains sign-off from your venue staff for attendance figures and passes all entry fees to your staff. We recommend that your venue keeps its own log of attendance numbers for accounting purposes.

  2. Question One Quizmasters do not take entry fees, prizes or quiz invoice payments on behalf of Question One.

  3. Entry fees and prize offerings are determined by your venue. We can offer recommendations and advice.

  4. A £35 cancellation fee applies to quizzes cancelled within 24 hours of the start time. Cancellations must be confirmed by email to [email protected] In the case of a 'special event' where the quiz falls on a public holiday with a pre-determined fee, 100% of that fee will be payable for cancellations within 24 hours and 50% of the fee payable for cancellations within 72 hours.

  5. Our fees cover the provision of all quizzing materials: pens and our popular black & white printed format. If you wish to advertise or discuss other special features with your quiz, please contact us to discuss.

  6. We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation if we are not paid according to our agreed credit terms.

  7. From 2016, new customers are required to sign up for payments using GoCardless/BACS direct debit, unless your venue is part of a company where we have existing payment arrangements in place.

  8. In the event that the customer falls behind with payment in excess of the agreed terms then Question One reserve the right to cancel the quiz with 24 hours notice which may be rescinded if a payment plan can be agreed.

  9. By agreeing to quiz with Q1 you agree to a minimum of 4 contiguous weeks quizzing to establish the quiz. Please note it may take up to 8 weeks to establish a following.

  10. Both parties agree that where a successful quiz (meaning 6 weeks with more than 20 participants on average) has been established by Question One that this forms a contract of supply between Question One and the venue, whereby the venue cannot replace Question One as quiz hosts without 4 weeks notice of termination. In the case of immediate termination, the venue agrees to pay for 4 weeks of quizzing at the average cost of the previous quiz nights since commencement.

  11. We may loan your venue a wireless microphone kit if requested. Your venue is responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement of component parts including batteries for the microphone. Your venue is responsible for returning this equipment in the condition it was loaned in. Alternatively, equipment may be purchased. Please contact us for more information.

  12. Venues are responsible for the safe storage of cash prizes and jackpots which should be treated with the same security as any other cash handling. Quizmasters are not to take any money with them after the event, and staff should sign off the jackpot amount each night and keep a separate record. Any discrepancy or missing jackpot balance must be made up by the venue and Q1 take no responsibility for missing funds after sign-off. The reported jackpot amounts are used in our advertising strategy, so it is imperative that our reported total is equal to the amount stored at the venue.

  13. Question One recruits, trains and supports Question One Quizmasters, who operate under an exclusive contract with Question One Limited. Inducing a Quizmaster to breach their contract with Q1 is tortious, and may render parties liable for damages.

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