Peter C
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Prizes For All!

A quiet summer evening this Thursday at The Plough, but no shortage of fun and games. As the old pub quiz mantra goes: “The less teams there are, the more chance you have of winning” - (Pete, 2018). Indeed, we only had three teams this week, meaning a prize for each! Regular favourites the "Pruners" came in last (bronze), winning the "Jammie Dodger III". "Jammie Dodger III" didn’t live up to their name and took home the wine, and the ever-impressive "Not Ready Already" ran out winners and took home the £26 jackpot. "Not Ready Already"...

Richard L
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Small But Beautifully Marked

The headline sums it up, only four teams but a great atmosphere with some friendly banter between them. Two teams of two people, one of three and one of four competed in a lively and friendly quiz last night. At the half-way point, top place was shared between two teams on 13 points each but the second round sorted things out and in the end, "The Cliffhangers" was the victorious team winning the quiz with a score of 32 points. A bottle of wine was won by "Streatham Stunners" for coming second to last. A Jackpot...

Daniel C
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Closest Quiz To Date

"Las Triviata" and "Even Stevens" were tied at the half and tied at the end so a tiebreaker was needed, not much in it either but it eventually went to regular team "Evens Stevens" who got the closest to by an extremely narrow margin. A new team from the States "Pen Island" had their first UK quiz and were awarded a couple of craft beers for coming second to last.

Andrew H
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Victory for "Agatha Quiz Team" as Jackpot Rolls Over

As World Cup fever subsides for another four years, a very lively crowd came to The Station Hotel for another exciting quiz night. Jess and Buff decided to give the quiz a go and were absolutely thrilled to win a bottle of wine for coming second to last, while "Agatha Quiz Team" just edged out "The Spelunkers" for the top prize of a £50 bar tab. "EBGBs" won the chance to play their cards right for this week's Jackpot but only made it to 3 cards out of the required 10 so the Jackpot rolls over...

Charlie T
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

"BALLIBANNON" Return to Claim Back Their Title

It was a two-team showdown tonight! Pleasantries hid the rival tensions in the room - the sportsmanship was strong in these teams, fuelling their needs-to-succeed through thought rather than open animosity. Just one point separated them at the first whistle - but this game was two-halved shaped. "Samfam" fought well but "Ballibannon" got the greater of the second-half and sped to victory with a 7-point lead. Join the fun next time.

Amber B
Thursday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

"Thames Great Whites" Blow it Out of the Water!

Dun du dun du dudududududu! (#Jaws anyone) The "Thames Great Whites" took the victory straight out of the water tonight at The Crown and Anchor. Not to say that any of the other teams were slow swimmers, a sudden death round took place in the competition for the prize of a bottle of wine with "Can you Quiz it?" taking it home in the end!

Luke M
Thursday Jul 19 @ 7 pm

Russia Triumph

"Russia did nothing wrong"....not a statement from the quiz master but an actual name of a team....who went on to win the quiz after trailing at the break. Team "Slags and fags" did what they could to try and hold on to their lead but stumbled over the finish line, tripping over their laces as they did so. Join us next week for more of the same.

James B
Thursday Jul 19 @ 7 pm


Very friendly faces full of old faces and some new ones. One team, however, walked away with much more than most. Apart from the second to last place team "Young Dumb and Number 1", who got a bottle of wine, almost everything was done by the eternal winners, "The E Team". We still don't know what the 'E' actually stands for. East? Excellent? Elephant? Who can say... Either way, they walked away as the winners of the quiz (£30 bar tab for them) and also as the winners of the Jackpot Game. Not only that, they...

Tom W
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

Off With His Head

This week The Queen met the leader of the USA (the poor old dear). So I got teams to draw what they thought the meeting was like. My favourite was the Queen setting the corgis on the Donald. Other highlights included bad tinder dates and the Queen tripping the up the toupee wearing, fart Monster. Congratulations to Team "Inappropriate" on the win this week. Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday for another exciting quiz at the railway tavern.

Luke T
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

"Daft Spunk"

Who'd have thought a cover of Forbes Magazine could have caused such (concentrated birthday girl) contention? And who'd have thought a member of the hit noughties band Hard-Fi would return to the quiz - and then leave halfway through? (Bad form BTW...) Kudos (but no free drinks 'cos I'd already given them to the quickest anagram) to the best wrong answer of the night: "Daft Spunk". You had to be there... 'til next week Putters!

Joshua H
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

"What The F?" Take The Tiebreak!

After a tight quiz at The Draft House, "What The F?" took top spot after a tie-break decider with "Quizzical Virgins". The former bumped up their score with two bonus points for their winning World Cup Limerick and I had to remove a point from the latter team as they had seven players on side which led to the thrilling conclusion! Both "The Bold and The Beautiful" and "Cheddar Artois" won a free drink in our RPS showdown and I look forward to seeing a lot of you back next week for the next round.

Jason T
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

The Cash Jackpot Has Broken The £100 Threshold!

The excitement continues to mount as the rollover cash jackpot reaches £105 for next week's quiz. "Prince Boner Party" tried hard to get their hands on it but fell at the last hurdle. But all was not lost as the very same team won the main quiz and scooped the £50 food and bar tab while team "Pass" walked away with a delicious bottle of the house wine. It was a fun and intimate quiz and we look forward to welcoming you all every Wednesday at The Bonaparte pub quiz near Royal Oak in Notting Hill...

Verity K
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

"Three’s A Crowd" Ace It!

Tonight at the lovely Hare and Billet in Blackheath, two-person team "Three's a Crowd" stormed the quiz with 39 points! They snagged the £50 bar tab, whilst a tiebreaker was needed between "Norfolk n Way" and "Fake News" for the bottle of wine, "Norfolk n Way" snagged it by getting closer to the height of Angels long escalator (it's 60m!). A lovely quiz with a lovely set of teams!

Nigel B
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm


Another lovely hot and sweaty night, but that did not stop 63 people coming out to sweat their brains out. In the tremendous form "DSC massive" must have thought they were unbeatable and sure enough they came really close. "Teamy Mcteam face" who have won on several occasions nicked it by a single point. To rub salt into the wounds they had a tiebreaker for the runners-up spot and lost out on that as well. Congrats to the three nations for winning the bottle of wine for second to last place. Next week can't come quick...

Tom K
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

£312 Won on Play Your Cards Right!

After months of rollovers, Play Your Cards Right was finally won at The Bobbin this week with one lucky chappy sweeping £312 of sweet Jackpot cash! And on the first attempt as well. Elsewhere, "On Wednesday We Drink Wine" romped to a compelling victory with a storming second half and took home the quiz prize money. Join us next Wednesday at 8 pm!

Chris R
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

"Daft Spunk" Makes a Splash!

As the tide of the sport that's buoyed us along all summer finally ebbs away, we're left high and dry on the rocks of reality, hungover and blinking in the sunlight. But wait, a ship on the horizon, to rescue us and take us to pastures new! 'Tis the good ship Question One, to save us from banality and shine the light of wisdom into the dark crevices of ignorance! And so we returned to The Railway this week, where 4 teams faced off for the prizes of cash and alcohol. Deciding to join because I...

James B
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

Les Quizerables

A wonderful quiz with the most wonderful group of people, and what a close finish! The top three teams all had one point between them. Prize winners were as follows: Second to last were "Leo’s Lovlies". They got a packet of crisps (also won a jug of beer in the free drink question) The second place were "Tryouts For The Human Race". They got a bottle of wine. The first place were the high school reunion, "House Minority Whip". They got a £40 bar tab! The Jackpot game was won by "Ron’s Dons". Alas, they missed...

Mike K
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

One All on The Night

"In the corner" were tonight's overall winners at The British Queen and took the first quiz easily, but honours were shared on the night after "Enzo and friends" nabbed the second one. "The trump cards" performed well and finished third overall on what was a busier and fun evening at the venue.

Daniel C
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

All Tied At The Half

A close first quiz back after the football saw every team tied at the half on 15 points. But a tough second round saw team "No name" come out on top by scoring 32 points to take the lead and win themselves a £50 bar tab, they could’ve been double winner tonight as they got to take part in our play your cards right round, they came agonisingly close but sadly could not get all 10, but that can only mean that next week we will have even more money up for grabs. Roll on next...

Howard S
Wednesday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

Great Quiz, Great Night, Great Winners!

Our winners this week fought off a fantastic late charge from the team finishing second. It was a keenly fought second round as can be seen with a tie-break for third, which was another battle as the prize is a bottle of wine. Then it was the Jackpot and unfortunately, it wasn't won so there is £200 up for grabs next week as always.

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