Tom K
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

"Coalition Of Chaos" Unite And Return To Form!

It's been a few weeks since "The Coalition" have managed to gather their troops together to field a full-strength squad... But this week at The Roundhouse they returned in a blaze of glory. The first half saw them extend a 3 point lead with a full house, followed in 2nd place by the winners from the last 2 weeks, "Selhurst Parkers". The Palace faithful had a strong second half to claw back a couple of points but it wasn't quite enough to complete the hat-trick. "The Coalition" held firm. Join us next Monday at 8pm for...

David M
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Wuthering Heights

It was a very lively event tonight in the sense that everyone that was there was alive. I was there with two dozen quizzers who showed the world what quizzing is all about. It's all about the questions and it's all about the answers. It was an exciting game of wits and half wits. Some terrific playing going on. "Two Men And A Vegan" broke the record for multiple wins tonight, winning first place, but they had some very tough competition namely from "Chefs Are US". A brilliant new team who came in second to last...

Michael L
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Biggest Quiz Yet!

I guess it just must be that time of year when a whole village of people decides it’s truly quizzing season once again with a massive 11 teams showing up on The White Hart’s doorstep tonight. Great effort on the Disney villain playdoh game teams, as well as smashing the bonus tube cities game. Though I feel like there was a little left to be desired on the ten pound note sketching game! But congratulations to newcomers "Team Mattanda" for snatching up that tasty first prize £50 bar tab. And "Rich Aromatic & Silky", enjoy that...

Dean D
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

A For "A Holes" Again!

"The A Holes" have won it again and again, with a two point lead over their nearest rivals "Quizically Fit"; who themselves beat "The Antipodeans" by one point for the second place position winning a £25.00 bar tab. At the second to last end there was a play off between "The Benign Moles and "No Class". "The Benign Moles" took it on the cutting of the cards with an eight beating a three. Jackpot is £134.00 next week!!

Celia L
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

13 Degrees Outside, 14 Players Inside

The Autumn chill is in the air and tis' the season to be Quizzing. Three returning teams tonight competing for wine, dosh and bar tabs but again more "Drawing of A C**k" trounced the competition, but only by one point this time!! The others are catching up and congrats to a "Quizzie Maguire" winning their wine. Commiserations to "Saga Louts" - but more prizes to be won next week!

Patsy P
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

A Quiz Epic!

So much excitement tonight at The Colton Arms - A jackpot won, a three way tie-breaker for the bottle of Prosecco and a double tie for the £50 bar tab. How much exhilaration can one host take? A lot it would seem, so here's the run down. "Price's Prozzas", "Finland" and "4 Shizzle My Nizzle" were all in the running for the second to last prize of the bottle of sparkling, which was eventually settled by knowing that Ruby was a koala. Meanwhile "Quiz Trivia Newton-John" and "Single Teenage Fathers" were locked in a battle for...

Joseph T
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

The King Delved Deep Into His Pocket For Our Jackpot

A wide range of performances this evening at The Kings Arms, the runaway winners of first place (and the accompanying £40 tab) was "The Wondering Camels" with a stonking 38 points. At the other end of the standings was "Hell to the Red" with a somewhat less impressive 22 points. But the night was salvaged for them by stepping up to the Jackpot challenge, picking the right envelope and walking away with £50 in cold hard cash!

Amber B
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Everyone Is A Winner!

Tonight at The Coat and Badge we had a small quiz where everybody went home with a prize! Winning the £50 bar tab was "Norfolk and Clue" along with the sweetest puppy named Lyra! Winning second place and a bottle of wine was "Marlins"! Come by next week for yet another quiz and a £95 jackpot!

Bethany I
Monday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Penalty Shoot Out At The Boot!

This week we had 2 teams who drew for first place - and continued to draw for every question! "Stormy Analytica" and "Second Place" had a heated finale that could not be concluded until a rather tense game of rock paper scissors was won by "Second Place"! As our numbers continue to grow the competition is definitely getting more exciting - see you all next week as we get down to our final two envelopes to draw for the jackpot!!

Luke M
Monday Oct 22 @ 7 pm


A couple celebrating their move to the area certainly celebrated their move in style by turning up and beating 11 other teams, including multiple Arnos Arms quiz winners, "Triple Trifles". Team "Rick" had and amazing evening and won the quiz by a sheer point. They will enjoy the 50 quid bar tab they received. Join us next week to take part in the action!

Daniel C
Monday Oct 22 @ 7 pm

Returning Champs!

"Les Quizerables" returned in style, they scored an epic 43 points to take the quiz tonight and win a £50 bar tab. Behind them on 37 points were "The Saudi Embassy Welcoming Party" who got both of our bonus points for best team name and being the first to get the anagram which helped them to get tonight’s bottle of wine.

Marnie N
Monday Oct 22 @ 7 pm

No Prize... But CAKE!!

It was celebration night down at The Duke as "Tina's Fan Club" were in for Tina's birthday. We all sang to her and she was way more generous with her cake than most of us would have been! The quiz was nip and tuck with a three way in the first half for top spot. Round two saw a bit of stiff competition and eagerness from the teams as they all fought to become winners. However, there can be only one! And tonight it was a tie break that clinched it for TMT!!

Ashiana P
Monday Oct 22 @ 7 pm

Quantity Trumps Quality At The White Swan!

Three teams - namely "The Clarets", "Sharp Breeze Machine" and "It's Good But It's Not Right" - went head-to-head for a chance to win the fantastic prizes at The White Swan. It got intimate, it got tense. "It's Good But It's Not Right", with a whopping 7 players, were the clear winners throughout. Meanwhile, "The Clarets" (Burnley F.C. fans, perhaps?) were confidently in second place halfway through and on track for the free bottle of wine. They didn't see it coming when "Sharp Breeze Machine" managed to steam ahead during the second half, amazingly being able...

Josh H
Monday Oct 22 @ 7 pm

Ruddy Hell It's "Sunny Luko"!

We have a lovely bunch of regulars now at The Perseverance and this week... 🍻🥇 "Sunny Luko" 🥇🍻 claimed their first victory after a storming second half comeback kept "Ruddy Hell It's Soft Cell" at bay. They also won the creative round for their beautiful origami butterflies earning them a couple of bonus points for their efforts. They didn't need them in the end as they won by a three point margin after trailing by two at the end of the first half. What a comeback! ✌🏻 🍷 "Second To Last" 🍷 were true to their...

Wade C
Monday Oct 22 @ 6 pm

"The Spanish Win-Quiz-Mission" Break Away With The Win!

On a windy moonlit Monday, moments from Moorgate, three teams gathered at The Angel in a battle of wits, looking to win the £50 bar tab up for grabs. After two intense rounds and a minor debate over french pastries, it would seem that speed would rule the day, as the bonus point would be all the difference!

Marnie N
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

The Brain Power Of Sunday Pudding.

What a night at The Duke. The bar was packed and lots of new teams came to enjoy the teasing of brains and fine fayre. "Powered By Custard" stayed on after a delicious roast and warm stodgy pud that rather than dampening their grey cells fired them into action. They took a healthy pot of cash with points to spare. Everyone had a great time even "Al’s Pals" who didn’t know how to play Rock Paper Scissors but you’re never too old to learn!

Jonathon M
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Birthday Proves Lucky For Local Dad!

It was a busy and rambunctious evening at The Railway in Blackheath, as a record-breaking number of teams came out to partake in the weekly quiz! It was evident that many teams were new, or hadn't been here in a while, because much of the time was spent deciphering exactly where the quiz-master hailed from! (I'm from America, I promise!) A special mention goes to our second-to-last place team, "The Catalans" (+1), who did admirably well and won the bag of sweets despite being worried about too many English questions! The evening belonged mostly to the...

David M
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

History In The Making

It was a historic night at The Ram in Kingston tonight. Historic in the sense that it was in the past. But what was very much in the present was the present that the winning team "Birthday Bonanza" received for coming first. There were a few tears, mostly mine when Paul came up to play, Play Your Cards Right. Everyone sang happy birthday. He didn't win but he couldn't care less about that. As he said to me, in my mind, it's all about the taking part. "John and Tonic" right up there tonight but not...

Ellie W
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm


£250 jackpot was up for grabs this evening, does that sound good to you?! It sure does to me! Come on down next Sunday at 8 for your chance to nab this OR a £50 winning bar tab woohoo. Well done to this week’s winning team "Jamie’s Fan Club" - See y’all next week!

Tyrone A
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

"Super Army Soldiers" Storm The Kings Arms For Victory!

A new team waltzed into Waterloo tonight and did just enough to steal victory and the £30 first prize, thwarting regular squad "Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" from scoring a hatrick of wins in the process. Can you do better? You can? Then come on down to The Kings Head - The finest quiz in South London!! (on a Sunday!!)

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