Nora J
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

The jackpot is still in da house!

What an exciting Play Your Cards Right. Only 4 cards and the first 2 looked surprising! But then the 3rd one broke "We are only here for the beer" 's neck. That means the jackpot is even bigger next week. At least "Hoes under the hammer" were more successful: They confidently won the 1st price. 2nd to last and therefore a bottle of wine goes to the - never tired of negotiating- "Quiz Team Aguilera". A special thanks goes out to "The Wallace Wonders" who accommodated a lonely player and let him play with them!

Ashleigh H
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm


That was key tonight. It's not just a cobra. It's a King Cobra. The Leprechaun doesn't put his gold at the end of the rainbow. He puts it IN A POT at the end of the rainbow. Specificity. It's important. House numbers are also important - as the riddle made people realise. Hinduism is important to Julia Roberts. Templeton from Charlotte's Web? Important. Lululemon is also important. And Bob Dylan. We must never forget the importance of Bob Dylan. Tonight's quizzees did well! It was a strong group. But the dynamic duo, Bangers to Brazil smashed...

Daniel C
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

The night of multiple winners!

Our champion team walked away with 2 prizes tonight, they not only got our £50 bar tab for topping the table but also won themselves a 20% off 2 meals via our wheel of fortune. Team Fives A Crowd got our second to last bottle of wine prize and they also bagged both of our free drinks questions too making it a table winning a night for them tonight. Great teams as always with plenty of laughs and we all look forward to more in next week!

Jason C
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

Quiztal Meth wins big!

It was close at the top all the way through as four teams battled it out to be crowned champions at The Clapton Hart. With only half a point in it at the break, it went down to the wire for the final few questions. In the end, spoils went to Quiztal Meth with newcomers Left it Blank claiming the wine. For yet another week the jackpot goes unclaimed making it an impressive £150 next week. Will it be yours? There's only one way to find out! See you there!

Jonathon M
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

Fat Prizes for Skinny Jeans!

It was a good night for newbie team "Skinny Jeans (Our Survey Says: Er Errr)" as they pulled together a strong team for the quiz tonight. Even with their big-team handicap, they managed to finish the quiz tied for first, and then won in the tiebreaker against "Northbrook Massive". Not content with only the £50 bar tab, they also went on to guess closest to the correct answer in the jackpot question. Fred came up with a few fellow advisers and managed to Play His Cards Right, netting them the sweet cash jackpot of £179. Well...

Charlie T
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

East End Roughs On Top

It was an all-newbies event tonight - three teams ventured into the unchartered territory for a chance at sighting that rare jackpot beast of £250. A cheeky duo, East end Roughs, beat the odds to claim victory against a three and foursome - winning with 32 points, the free pint and even getting a go for the jackpot! The final posit at victory eluded them so that money could be in your mits if you make the effort next week. Come on - stop avoiding your destiny and win this cash for chrissakes!

Christopher W
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

5 Strangers Walk into a Bar and walk out £300 better off!!!

And that’s how it’s done, folks! That Massive Jackpot has finally been won! All it takes is a lucky ace late on in the game of Play Your Cards Right and you’ve bagged yourself a shedload of cash! Well done to 5 Strangers Walk Into A Bar, don’t spend it all at once! The Quiz itself was a nail biter too! Only one point separated first and second place newbies vs old champs and the newbies just lost out! Well done Barflies on their second victory with us here at The Crown Tavern and a very...

Edward D
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

A Good Result All Round...

Tonight's six teams came in for the trivia and left happy with good scores. Congratulations to our visitors from South Africa no speakee Eenglish who won the bottle of wine this evening. Commiserations to the know it ales who were only two people but they were four points off the top spot tonight. And so this evening winning the £50 Bar Tab was you're a quizzard Harry! Tremendous job by the three gentlemen by the bar who had good knowledge in varied subjects. But it was not over yet I had £183 to get rid of....

Andrew H
Thursday Aug 22 @ 8 pm

Sexual Chocolate Strike Gold

In another thrillingly close quiz night at the Golden Lion, Sexual Chocolate edged victory from Is That Jeffrey Epstein Over There? by just half a point thus winning themselves a £50 bar tab while at the other end of the table KPR were this week's luck wine winners after coming second to last. The rollover jackpot stood at an amazing £148 and Reuben from The Nutters came within an agonising two cards of playing his cards right to win, but it just wasn't quite enough so the jackpot rolls over to next week when it will...

Luke M
Thursday Aug 22 @ 7 pm

Quizzie rascals

What a night in Chalk Farm. We had couples, friends, families, dogs and a girl who had just got her GCSE results. Unfortunately, they no longer do GCSEs in rock star anagrams, so she had to focus on other questions. The jackpot wasn't won and goes up next week. Join us then to test your trivia!

Benny A
Thursday Aug 22 @ 7 pm

Quiztians Reach the Holy Land

We had plenty of newcomers at tonight's edition of the Gipsy Hill Taproom Pub Quiz, most notably a brainy bunch of trivial pursuers, "Onwards Quiztian Soldiers", who smashed the questionnaire, finishing with a huge 39 points from 40 questions. Chris from team "Cambria Reunion" pocketed this week's jackpot, so it's a freshie next time! See you there!

Iain S
Thursday Aug 22 @ 7 pm

Slippery Snakes Successful!

6 teams battled it out tonight in an energetic and fun session. At the halfway stage 4 of them were on 15 points. Ultimately it took a tie-break to separate the Slippery Snakes from the Happy Hydrogens when both finished on 32 points each. Jackpot winners Iain's Angels (love the name) were as you might expect ecstatic at their £50 cash bonanza. Expecting more winning action next week.

Julia H
Thursday Aug 22 @ 7 pm

No Collusion, No Obstruction! Witch Hunt!

Another grand night out at the Hop Poles, this evening with six eager teams taking part in the action. Through no collusion whatsoever, Team ""No Collusion" were our winners this evening, with a massive 39 points, and also the kings of our jackpot round! No money changed hands tonight, but a bag of crisps is better than no bag of crisps. Right?!?

Tom W
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Guess the wight of the marrow

This week at the Railway Tavern I had teams guess the weight of a courgette that had overgrown at my allotment. I let them hold them marrow and try and judge how massive it was. some people were way off with their guesses. But one team guess the weight so closely they were only 200 g off being completely correct. The jackpot has rolled over and will be £150 plus next week full stop See you all next time for more quizzing

Victoria S
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Double Whammy for The Sacred Toledo

Wow what a lot of fun. 14 teams itching to get that Jackpot, but first.. The quiz!! Newton's equations, Cryptic stations, and Matt Damon wearing specs featured heavily, with mind boggling medical ailments too! It was a close one, but Pad's Army marched in at 2nd place with team leader Patrick leading the troupe. We sadly wave goodbye to Patrick, who has over time been my Jackpot announcer. Wishing him all the good stuff for the future! The Sacred Toledo swiped not only the 1st prize of the £40 bar tab, but they also won the...

Mike K
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Second to none

A close second were tonight's overall Quiz champions, taking the second quiz by a point from C U next Wednesday (I certainly hope they do) and the Dodos a point again back in third, although they lived up to their name in the first quiz, finishing two points behind Our other quiz sheet has all the right answers (although their effort here was obviously enough on this occasion). A busy and buzzing British Queen, with no less than eleven teams in competition.

Graeme W
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Fortunately, Winners Hit The Motherload

This evening’s quiz at The Hare and Billet was more boisterous than usual, but no less enjoyable, and the night was made even better by a team winning on their debut here. Six players collectively known tonight by the sinister moniker Fortunately, Your Mother took victory on their first quiz appearance here, bringing home the £50 bar tab first prize with a brilliant 35 points. Two points back in second place were the very topically named Make Greenland Great Again on 33, and PLC and It’s Quizness Time shared third place on 32 points. Much further...

Matthew K
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Plan B reign supreme in Baring Hall

Quizzers gathered in Baring Hall for a night of intensity and drama, as questions ranging from American bed sizes to Titanic buoyancy were answered, some more accurately than others. Plan B and the travelling Knowledgeers were tied for first at half time, both going on to at least double their scores by the end. However Plan B raced away, winning comfortably in the final stretch. 'Just the two of us' just about made it as they tried, sharing the free bottle of wine for their efforts.

Benny A
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

The Winged Horse Takes Flight

First class quizzing at the Bobbin tonight, where a rich a healthy debate regarding the possom / opossom problem took place. Are they the same thing? Are they pronounced the same? Does anyone really care? Team "Drawing of a Cock" claimed another righteous victory tonight, but there was also a standout performance from "Team Pegasus", who finished proudly in second. We have a rollover jackpot for next week so be sure to come down!

Rob W
Wednesday Aug 21 @ 8 pm

Five by Two

Another big turnout at the Cutty Sark tonight in Greenwich, with 12 teams battling for the £50 bar tab. The quiz itself came in fives and twos. In fives: Questions on category 5 hurricanes and 5 Seconds of Summer. And in twos: Which two footballers have been sent off two times while playing for England? And then this: What is a man with diphallia suffering from? Hint: Two penises. I suppose the suffering is arguable. In the end, the perennially strong Goons won the bar tab, with topically named Cutty Narks in a close second. That's...

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