Peter N
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

"Salisbury Perfumers" Spy a Victory!

Before tonight I didn't know there was such a thing as a four-team tiebreaker. Well, tonight our dynamic duos (all teams had 2 players) managed it. With impressive scores of 42 each, it took a few tiebreakers to separate the teams. Hard luck to Brighton Road, "The Hags" and "Danny Dyer's Discount Tyres". Congrats to "The Salisbury Perfumers" and also to "Beyond the Vale" for picking up a bottle of wine for second last. Thanks for having me guys! You were awesome.

Callan D
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

One Last Time For The Mayor Of The Capital Of Quizwick

At his very last quiz night for The Crown & Anchor, Callan decided the go out with a bang, allowing all the teams tonight a free non-jackpot spin on the Wheel Of Fortune! Unbelievably, "Lubricant" landed on the Jackpot segment twice in a row before walking away with £20 in cash. "Norfolk-Ing Chance" returned to the top but only just to take the £50 bar tab and the "Bollo Lane Bluffers" still managed to walk away with 3 Camden Pale Ales. A rollover for next week where you’ll still have the same quiz but a brand...

Daniel C
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

Close Call For "The Boys"

Close one tonight with returning team "Dirty Mike And The Boys" just winning it tonight by a single point, closes behind then was "Quizlamic State" who did get to take part in tonight’s envelope challenge but sadly chose the envelope with nothing in it, but the good news is there are more chances to win next week as we’ll be taking that envelope away for next weeks challenge. Returning team "Ramrod" came in second to last to win themselves a couple of craft beers.

Peter C
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

Goodbye for The Plough

After 8 months of quizzing at The Plough, I decided to hang up the microphone this week and move onto pastures new. Me and 33 contestants managed to hold back our emotion for one last time this Thursday because after all, we had some serious quizzing to do. My last quiz here was a thriller, with only half a point in it. "Buckfast at Tiffany’s" (40.5) took it from "Not Ready Already (to Lose Pete)" (who arguably should have earned bonus points for the name!) in a photo finish. Despite giving the crowd two bites at...

Jonathon M
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

Back with Furry and a Vengeance

Another solid week at The Station Hotel, where we had plenty of fresh faces and a few returning teams at the weekly pub quiz. One team in particular, "Fire and Furry", must have been doing nothing but studying the whole time they were away because they came back and smashed the competition, taking home that top prize. They even had a chance at the jackpot, but slipped on the first card, which means the cash rolls over to next week, where it will be over £350! It has to be won soon, but the question is...

Charlie T
Thursday Sep 20 @ 8 pm

Quiz Quiz Quiz Time

A high-point-heavy quiz tonight at The Italian Job - the lowest score falling just shy of 30 points. Three teams keen and knowledgeable - strong of brain and sturdy of brawn. "Zion Dragons of Death" broke their duck to take a solid victory. "The CD's" tooK silver, one-point under. Jackpot remains unclaimed - creeping up to £210 next week. Give it a go next week!

Joshua H
Thursday Sep 20 @ 7 pm

"Two Men and Their Dog" (and Arsenal) Cruise To Victory!

The footy was showing tonight at The Pembroke Castle but it didn't stop our quizzers from taking part. We had a nail-biting finish as two teams tied at the top but "Two Men and Their Dog" came through the tiebreaker to take home the glory. The jackpot wasn't claimed and rises to £71 cash in hand if you can find the joker next week!

Luke T
Thursday Sep 20 @ 7 pm

EPIC Quizness in Hammersmith

Words cannot begin to describe the epic-ness of the Hop Poles Quiz. It was like that battle scene in Lord of the Rings, or the bit in Heat where the bank robbery goes wrong and they have a gunfight in the street. If you weren't there you missed out big time and should think long and hard about your life!

James C
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

A 'Heavenly' First Quiz For The Angel on the Bridge

The exquisite and beautifully sited Angel on the Bridge pub in Henley-on-Thames staged its first quiz, welcoming a variegated multi-national crowd from across Europe and the Americas, with a solid mixture of local habitual patrons and accidental passers-by. The self-proclaimed team "Runners Up" (in name but not in ranking) ended up as overall winners - by a single point! Congratulations! Mark (The Angel's owner), and to celebrate this inaugural event, had the brilliant idea of ensuring every participating team didn't leave the venue empty-handed. The post-quiz jackpot of £50 wasn't won this week, rolling over to...

Luke T
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

A Flamboyance of Hairy Legs

When will the elusive Rollover winning beermat be found?! Next week I expect there will be in the region of £400 in the kitty and only 3 beermats to choose from... It's gotta go soon! PLUS another 4-way tie for 1st place - they are rare but we've had two at The Spotted Horse in the last month. Woah! Another cracking night of quizzing on Putney High Street... See you next Wednesday!

Celia L
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

I’m In It For The Chocolate

Fancy a hump day treat? Well at The Village Inn, second-to-last place means a box of chocolates for you!! And once again team “113” came to conquer for chocolates with an impressive, crazy high score of 40!!! Never heard of that being 'second-to-last place before' - that’s a stellar score!! But they were overtaken by “NicNatShe” who managed to get an extra 2 points ahead to get that £40 bar tab! “Rubbish At Team Names” we’re close after their victory last week with a score of 40, which put them in second-to-last (chocolate) place - but...

Jo S
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

As Autumn Falls, Players Up Their Scores

Fifteen teams took to the tables this evening to take part in the Wednesday night quiz at The Bobbin, and whether there was something in the air or something in the beer or perhaps it was just the back-to-school spirit that comes with September, but the scores were exceptionally high this week, with all teams scoring 30 and above. Tonight we learned that human sperm swims at 4mm per minute, that "koh" in Thai means "island", that the collective noun for flamingos is "a flamboyance", and that the Bride of Frankenstein was the first ever female...

Rosie D
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

"Harvey’s a Jumper" Jumps to 1st Place

6 teams battled it out in this weeks quiz but one team took the prize. Luckily "Curtains for us" doesn’t mind about the quiz and has their eyes firmly on the jackpot instead. But that last card tricked them hard. Meaning luckily for everyone else it rolls over to next week! Floating around the 100s possibly... See you next week!

Victoria S
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

"It'll Be Alight On The Night"

Some old faces returned tonight to our Wednesday Quiz and mingled with some brand new quizzers. We all had a great time figuring out the Cryptic Stations, the soppy lyrics from 2002, and the link between the 4 previous answers (now my favourite part of the quiz). "The Big Fact Hunt" (please don't say it fast) won a bottle of the pink stuff for coming second place, whilst steaming ahead in front was "It'll be Alight on the Night" (formerly "Halal Is It Meat You're Looking For") with a perfect 2nd round. Instead of the Jackpot,...

Mike K
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

"Monpar" Take Charge

"Monpar" (ex Rivets, Mick this and that, etc) were tonight's overall British Queen quiz winners, taking the first by a massive seven points and the second by a closer four to reign supreme. "The French connection" finished runners-up, just a point ahead of "And friends" in third (Enzo the dog was missing tonight, so we can clearly see who the brains of the operation are).

James B
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Birthday Luck Wins Jackpot

What a stonker of a week! Of all the teams we had several standouts. The second to last place winners of the bottle of wine were "A.R.C.H Nemesis", which included a pregnant lady who could not partake of the wine (yet). The winners, by just one point, after a flawless second half, were "The Growlers" who got a £40 bar tab. The real talking point was the Jackpot Game, which was played by "The Birthday Boy" (the team and the boy), Nick. For a man who had never heard of Play Your Cards Right before, he...

Leon K
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Second Half Battle

It was a highly contested evening down at The Hare & Billet with "Glits Allsorts" making a sensational comeback in the 2nd half to take the £50 prize. We had a lovely tiebreaker for the bottle of wine with Careless Whispers just missing out, who knew Glastonbury wasn't as popular back in the 70's. Some amazing nee celebrity couples were made and a good night was had all round.

Jason T
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

The "Terrible Twos" Have a Terribly Good Win!

Congratulations to "The Terrible Twos" who enjoyed a massive change in fortune by winning the latest Bonaparte quiz. The wind was blowing in the right direction throughout the second half and this delightful couple managed to soar ahead and win the £50 food and bar tab. They were also lucky in getting through to trying to pick the golden envelope for the rollover cash jackpot prize, but their luck ran out when they won a tube of smarties instead. Another incredibly lucky team was our visitors from Australia ("3 nights only!") who bagged the two 'free...

Graham E
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

"Quarter Pointers" Pick Up All The Points!

Brainy duo "Quarter Pointers" managed to leave all of the other top teams here at The Rylston trailing in there wake as they stormed to victory and a £40 bar tab with a great score of 38. The trio of girls "FFC" collected the wine in second-to-last, while the jackpot went unclaimed, and so rolls over to next week when it should stand at around £130! See you then!

Joshua H
Wednesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Corilian Quiz!

✈️We had paper aeroplanes whizzing through the sky, forty fantastic questions and of course, our weekly 'Rock Paper Scissors Showdown' this week at The Draft House. 🤛🏻🤚✌🏿✈️ Needless to say, it was a great quiz that was won by a brand new team 🥇"Corilian Quiz"🥇who, not only got the most points but also built a highly stealthy plane to win them a bonus point too! ✈️

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