Liam E
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

It’s becoming a habit...

It’s becoming a habit at The Tequila Mockingbird win again! They had an off week last week but they came back tonight with a venagnce and blew the rest away. In other news my attempts to become best friends with all the dogs at The Brouge is not going well as they seem to ignore me, but don’t worry. Next week I shall come armed with a plethora of doggy treats and I’m sure I’ll soon feel the love :)

Jason C
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

What have you Hun for us do it again!

Back to spend their well-deserved £40 bar tab from a previous week, What Have you Hun for us Lately? Clean up again despite their team splitting in two for some friendly(!) rivalry. They’re certain to be back next week for another lively round of cerellebum flexing at The Clapton Hart!

Jason T
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Quiz Team Lagarde are victorious at the latest Tavern Teasers!

Congratulations to 'Quiz Team Lagarde' who fought off their nearest rivals by a mere point to win £90 in hard cash at the latest Tavern Teasers. It was a pretty strong quiz throughout with 'I thought this pub had football on' finally achieving the bottle of wine for second-to-last; this follows a couple of years of trying for this accolade. Come and enjoy Tuesday night pub quiz fun every week at this popular Borough Market hot-spot!

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Lord of the Rings vs Victorian Selfie

There were questions to questions tonight as the highly competitive overthought their answers in an attempt to overthrow their competition. Kept this quizmaster on her toes and a delightfully charged atmosphere buzzing round. 'Quizlamic State' just snuck ahead of 'Buckfast Bashers' by half a point to take the second to last place bottle of house wine whilst 'Lashed Place' easily topped the leaderboard to take the top prize £108 kitty. Three teams finished in second place - 'Top Markers', 'Quizards of Oz' and 'Watashi Wa Pamplmousse Deso' - resulting in a tense tie-break. Popcorn was popped...

Paul A
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

B Sharps hit the right note!

Expanding the team to include more local players was a wise move for the B Sharps, especially when it came to identifying obscure 90's pop bands! The new additions to the team gave them a distinct 2nd half advantage this week taking them from level pegging at the break to a clear 3 point victory by the end of the quiz. Unfortunately that's where their luck ended as the Golden Gamble saw them trade their £50 prize for a glass of ginger beer! Nonetheless the boys were on song to rack up a memorable victory.

Mark T
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Playing for time

A couple of new teams tonight graced the doors of the Brouge Bar to add to the cosy, friendly atmosphere of our favourite quiz. And one of them won! Not bad for a first attempt, and they are already spending their £50 food and drink voucher. Maybe they'll order the Fajitas next week, they smelt delicious as they sizzled on the way to the restaurant. The jackpot is still unclaimed, now standing at £87 via our Play Your Cards Right bonus game, so claim your stake next quiz. Have a great week, Mark

James H
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

The Return of the Kings, or rather the Bards - £215 next week!

Big night at The CCC yet again with a fair bit of riotous behaviour and high jinks going on, in addition, to actually answering the odd question or two. I asked the teams to come up with Topical names this week with a bonus point available to the best. In the end, the clear winner as chosen by some unsuspecting customers in the other bar was Veni Vidi Avici. "Team Zero aka It's never too late to graduate as Simon and Garfunkel say", absolutely blitzed everybody with the anagram question again and he had his hand...

Bridget M
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Ask Us Later takes the prize!

It was a joint effort tonight down at The Leyton Star between Quiztastic teams and those supporting the football but we all worked in tandem to have a really great night. Special mention to the four brave souls who did their best gorilla impersonations and Theresa May Not for an incredibly quick answer for a bonus drink. With a tie in first place at the end of the first round it was 'Ask Us Later' who managed to pull away and secure the win at the end of the night. Good job everyone! :)

Peter W
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

"Maybe" is the operative word

With 3 teams on 15, and one team on 14 at the halfway point, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that this quiz was a close run affair, but "We Know Our Shi*t, Maybe" squandered their share of the lead by such a margin as to go from tied 1st into second last by the end of the contest. A demoralising loss for sure, but at least they had the consolatory wine to soothe their disappointment.

Wade C
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Summer is over?

On a balmy April evening in The Botanist, as the sun set behind the clouds, 5 teams gathered to compete for a chance to win the ever-growing jackpot. Mostly familiar faces, with some newcomer teammates, battled it out going question to question with the opposing teams. After some interesting interpretations of cilantro, renditions of the thong song and fighting to translate our cryptics into those dastardly tube stations, one team emerged on top. The victory was a small margin, as the runner-ups, "Up your Bum" came within one final point of the leader after winning best...

Frankie S
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Lethal quizzle have competition

So... Lethal Quizzle came second tonight !!!! Shock horror !!!! They were beaten by a regular team who change their name each week, its good to see healthy competition. Quite a few new teams of 2 tonight, some did ok, some not so much but they still had fun as did we all. End of the month draws nigh so not so many players, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in attitude.

Tyrone A
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Bill Gates Proves Decisive In Dramatic Finale In The Oval

A superb battle throughout the evening between all the teams came down to a tie-break between 'The Master Debaters' and 'Three Bogans and a Brit' and the key question that settled matters was "In which year was Microsoft founded?". Chuka from the Bogan's came closest with her guess of 1980 (the actual year was 1975) and that was enough to see off Kenny from the Debaters and claim the £50 bar spend first prize for her team. Can you the same? Have you and your friend's got what it takes to come and win the prizes...

Graeme W
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Shiny New Machines Cash In

In a lovely turn of Tuesday night events, we have a brand new set of winners at The Bohemia. On a more-placid-than usual evening at this cavernous venue, debutantes 'The Cash Machines' barely touched their overdraft, winning with a respectable 32 points, one ahead of previously all-conquering 'Katatonia', and two ahead of N12 favourites 'Odds & Sodds'. The winners’ new balance is one £50 golden ticket’s worth of booze. As ever, the second-from-bottom team did not leave empty-handed, as 'Bra Spa’s' 26 points won them a bottle of red.

Gary S
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Team C for comeback

Regulars Team C staged a thrilling comeback earning an exceptional 20 points in the 2nd half to overturn a 3 point deficit that The Spanish Inquizition held at half time. Something Witty brought something brainy as well and were only 3 points off the Champs. The rain outside brought much cheer to debutants Potato Heads who were visitng from Dubai.

Andrew H
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

The Dragons Are Out For St George's Day as Muggy Marney take victory in a close contest

For this week's creative round teams were challenged to make a dragon out of playdough for St George's Day and with a surprisingly high standard the bar staff picked Quizling's dragon as the winner with Singapore Slingers and Muggy Marney as runners up. But it was to be Muggy Marney's night as they took first prize in a very close quiz and then won the chance to play the jackpot challenge where they made it half way through until the fourth card didn't go their way which means a full rollover jackpot of £200 for next...

William M
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

All Star Teams at the Star by Hackney Downs

Four great teams battled it out for the very generous prizes at The Star By Hackney Downs. Tested on their knowledge of TV sitcoms, Underground Stations, Welsh Rock Bands and much more, while the Quiz Master was tested on his ability to pronounce Taipei and Sisqo. At the end of the first round all teams had between 14 and 16 points, but the second half gave 'Gary Plopper and his Snapes' a clear victory and £50 in cash! While 'Boges for PM' came a close second winning a £25 bar tab, and 'The Big Fat Quiz...

Malcolm H
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Supermarket Swept Sweep Ahead

Supermarket Swept, a frequently winning team here, did it again tonight by a nose - but knowledgable newcomers Ultimate Quizbee didn't make the £50 bar tab easy for them! Just one point was in it, with Aviciiderci and And In Last Place sharing an impressive third place. Team Sis took away the 2nd To Last wine prize with a still highly respectable 27. Tributes to former celebs abounded, and fun was had by all.

Tom W
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Doing the quiz so scandalous... it’s Tom T.. Tom Tom Tom :)

Hey Everyone, I’m taking over this quiz so look forward to seeing everybody each week. Congratulations to the ‘Where is Ellen’ guys for the win this week. Next week we will ad in a creative round for the chance to win bonus points. It might be drawing, making things out of salt dough, or other artsy things. Perhaps we will play some games other weeks. Lots to look forward to. See you all next time! Tom :))

Celia L
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm

Quizzing Makes Royal Babies

Celebrating the news highlight of the week in London, it seemed only fitting that at the end of round one the team that still was without a name to present then called themselves so fittingly “Unnamed like the Royal Baby”. That made me tickle quite a lot and it was only fair they won an extra point for best team name this week!! However it wasn’t enough to compete with “Dale Winton’s Hole In The Ground” (Too soon!!! But darkly humorous...) who steamed ahead with 42 points at the end of this evening’s quiz! It’s gonna...

Daniel H
Tuesday Apr 24 @ 8 pm


On the anniversary of the 1183BC mythological invasion of Troy inside the wooden horse, (today is officially the accepted date), our teams rose to the challenge of recreating it in tinfoil. This was won by overall winners 'Jeanie in a Bottle' who was also in front at halftime. Great night! See you there next week!

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