Ellie W
Sunday Jan 19 @ 8 pm

It might be a piece of paper but...

The bar tab might be “just a piece of paper” but just like banknotes, cash is cash! And you could win £50 to spend on food and drink here at The East Hill pub for being the quiz champs. What would you treat yourself and your teammates to? Congratulations to all who took part tonight and hope you stay chirpy on the Blue Monday. See you next Sunday from 8 o’clock

Daniel H
Sunday Jan 19 @ 8 pm

Noisy and Enthusiastic

10 teams tonight at the Railway in Blackheath with the Spanish Inquizition taking the first prize and Fuck Ducks getting the wine for second place. We overran slightly but Team gimp got through to the Jackpot round but fell at the first fence going higher on a 6 and getting a 3. So we roll over to £322 next week. See you there.X

Nigel B
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Stiff upper ship at the double !!!

Hi everyone, well just like the London buses,you wait ages for one and then along come two. That is definitely the case of stiff upper ship who once again proved to be a formidable force in tonight's quiz. A packed out Ship witnessed a masterclass of quizzing with three or four teams racking up good points. PYCR is now at the nail-biting stage with big money on hand, but yet again there was no winner. See ya all next week.

Tyrone A
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Waterloo Welcomes All. Worldwide Wanderers Win Hearts

Direct from Colorado, USA; the team of Diana, Dan, Dimitri and Logan swang into town and fancied a quiz. They chose ours (the best darn quiz in all London town!) and they had, what they said, the perfect way to wrap up a weekend in the greatest city on Earth, having won drinks, made friends (one of which was a Hollywood stuntman) and laughed throughout. They didn't win, but they sure did make friends. The win went to regular faves, Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera who, even though short of numbers, won the quiz (and the £30 bar spend) by...

Howard S
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Packed fun!

That was a great night. Lots of teams and as can be seen a very close quiz. We'll apart from those PV Refugees winning by five points! Not a regular occiramce but we'll deserved. Second to last win a bottle of wine and we played for the Jackpot too but it wasn't won so next week we have £212 up for grabs!

Joseph T
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Reigning Champs Just Missed Out

It was a close call this evening with just 1 point difference. In the he end second place went to last week's winners, the ironically named, mediocre at best. Meanwhile first place went to a small team of newcomers. It just shows that even if you're not an experienced quizzer you can still come away a winner! Perhaps you should try it yourself next week?!

Daniel C
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

£300 still waiting to be won

Our cash jackpot is still waiting to be won as team Gods Humber Instruments got to enter the play your cards right round but chose to go higher than a 4 only to go and be drawn a 3 to loose half way through, so next week we will be taking away one of the cards to make it easier to win so next week you will only have to guess right 3 times in order to get the cash. Last weeks winners defended their title on an impressive 45 points to reclaim their tab while...

Marnie N
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Duke and Chill

It was mighty chilly outside but at The Duke of Sussex the brain power was smoking! We had a bar filled with quiz players eager to test their wits against Chiswick's finest. Googled It brought reinforcements and boosted their way up the table to fourth place - a record. Not to mention Malcolm and Dennis who got their highest placing coming in second to the reigning champions Big Fact Hunt. Well done everyone. It was tinged with sadness as we said farewell to the lovely Jamie who left his place behind the bar to serve the...

Peter C
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Hitting the Jackpot

A packed house, even spilling into the garden, this evening at The Pilgrim.... word had spread, the £200 Jackpot had to go ! At half time the scores covered a range of only 10 points difference from top to last ... with the top five teams separated by only 2 points... Returning team Agatha Quizteam on their first visit for a few months showed great knowledge from Superman's city to Beyonce's daughter.... to take the top prize with Pinky and the Brains coming second. The runner up wine went to David's Dimblebys.... then all attention turned...

Benny A
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

The Claw Bags A Goodie

Another fantastic quiz at the Crown and Greyhound, where newcomers "Midge's Haircut" took the first place cash prize! Elsewhere we had a three way tie for second place, which is a rarely seen event. Team "The Claaaaww!" (Named for the iconic Toy Story scene) won the face off, taking home the £30 bar tab prize. No jackpot win this week means another rollover! See you there to witness how it all pans out.

Ashleigh H
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

When Archie met Archi

Basically the theme of tonight was dogs and babies. Five babies, one dog. One nine month old baby called Archie (not that Archie) and an eight month old cocker spaniel, also Archie. They met. It was love at first sight. Mainly for me and Archie (the canine). There was also a quiz! The Cherry Tree is becoming the place to be on a Sunday night. It's warm and cosy, there's a fire, great wine, amazing food, and FUN! Seven teams went toe to toe, but it was the mighty Bruce Quizteam who took home the £50...

Liam E
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm


There must have been something in the water at The Rose tonight as we had some impressive high scores! I’m talking 7 teams on 35 or above! Clever going everyone! However our champs champs of the evening were Hardly Athletic with a total of 39.5! Well done guys. As always great to see a packed pub at The Rose so come on down next week as well and get your quizzing brains going!

Alex D
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

It's a family feud, dude.

Oh My God! How exciting was the quiz this evening! It all started around 6.30 when the teams started arriving, quivering with excitement as they asked questions like “is this our table?” and “can I have a white wine please”. The tension mounted when, at 7pm, I went round the teams, delivering such witticisms as “£2 per person so £6 in all”. After each team had received their own personal moment of comedy genius, I amazed the crowd by saying “good evening”. The pub erupted into paroxysmal of joy. But the excitement didn’t end there. I...

Andrew P
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Mums on the Lash Drinking Win & Tonic!

On a bitterly cold night in Loughton, Essex, our teams came in to defrost, grab some hot food and have a drink to warm the cockles of their hearts. But if anybody thought that this Quiz was going to be easy; Honey, they had a big storm coming! Many players were tossed to and fro trying to figure out what a heavy snowstorm, accompanied by strong winds was... and a few braved it by writing down the correct answer of 'Blizzard'. Another chilly question involved our teams getting their thinking caps on, having to answer what...

Gerry H
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

The wettest January on Record

No sign of Dry January here, the Signal was positively dripping last night. With copious bottles of booze washing away the January Blues, quizzers were in high spirits from start to finish. Karate Kid, North Korea, and Kanye West shaking hands with his new Best Friend (NBF to the cool kids), there was something for everyone tonight but only one prize our winners...

Charlie T
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Howzit Bru? Hit the Jackpot!

What an eventful Sunday at the Phoenix. Six Plus took the quiz with a titanium-solid 39.5, followed by the high-maintenance high-jinx of It's Rebeka Vordy only a point behind the prize on 38.5. Max's Angel's took a bottle-of-house on 30. The jackpot game was taken by Howzit bru? who faced off against the Play Your Cards Right cards...and won! £100! Easy as that. Come along next week if you want a slice of the Phoenix fun-pie.

Monica N
Sunday Jan 19 @ 7 pm

Uneasy lies the head that wears The Crown

The Crown Tavern hosted five teams last night at a highly competitive quiz which this week had a rather royal flavour! Our creative round 'Write a CV for the shortly to be unemployed Prince Harry' was won by the unfortunately named team Your Mum, with special commendation for their detail in email address and star ratings. Our second to last prize went to the Nags, and the Wentworth Wizards wove their magic to win first prize with an impressive 5 point lead.

William M
Thursday Jan 16 @ 8 pm

Boris’s Babes Beat us all

Tonight eight teams battled it out to be the best and beat the rest. The Hari-Bulls farmers were the ones to get the anagram first. Eternals played the jackpot but were knocked out by two queens. While Team Boris won not just one drink but a bar tab of fifty pounds, by getting forty one whole points. Come next week when the cash jackpot is over two hundred pounds. And maybe you’ll end up as number one!

Jonathon M
Thursday Jan 16 @ 8 pm

A Narrow Victory!

It may have been wet and dreary outside, but inside it was cozy near the fire(place) and we settled down for a lovely quiz. It was a close match between the two top teams, but Team "KPR" squeaked by and secured the victory by just one point, beating out "Mums on the Rum". Jane, one of the Mums, had the chance to score some sweet cash in the jackpot round worth £378, but the cards were not in her favour. Don't forget, there is no quiz next week owing to a private party, so your next...

Eddie W
Thursday Jan 16 @ 8 pm

The bells not ringing out win !!!!!

The Italian job puts on another incredible quiz night even on a rainy January day. The back room was full of people who were thirsty and hungry to fill their brains with general knowledge. The bells not ringing out again pulled it out of the bag with an incredible score or 30 points. Come down next week, and challenge them, every champion needs an adversary.

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