Jessica S
Thursday Feb 14 @ 8 pm

Are you (Not) Ready (Already) for love? Yes I am!

We had a wonderful 11 teams going head to head this Valentine's day for a cash prize of £66, some Jammy Dodgers and of course a bottle of wine. After a close first half ('Not Ready Already', 'Cupid Stunts' and 'The Gits' all finished on 17 points), 'Not Ready Already' pulled into the lead with 100% on their second half to win the cash prize. They also won the chance to play the jackpot but were defeated at the first card, so that rolls over to £20 next week. A heads up between 'The Gits' and...

William M
Thursday Feb 14 @ 8 pm

Roses are Red, the quiz was fun, Palentines did great, the jackpot not won!

It was officially Palentines Day at the Manor Arms tonight as they very nearly swept the board, taking both free drink questions and the main prize. Luckily those returning rovers 'Quiz from Corrie' managed to bag the bottle of wine. And our lovable Mathematicians - 'Mole' (can’t make the accent work!) had their turn in the spotlight when they played higher or lower for the cash prize. As this remains unwon, why not come along next week and try your luck. It won’t be 14th February but every quiz night is love in at The Manor...

Jonathon M
Thursday Feb 14 @ 8 pm

Cupid Strikes True for Quiz Winners

Valentine's Schmalentines! Whether you're in a relationship or not (shout out to anyone celebrating PALentine's Day), it was nice to see a lot of couples turn out for the weekly pub quiz. In fact, both our main prizes tonight went to teams of two: well done to "Viewers in the North" who took to the top spot after a very strong second half, and also to our bottle-of-wine winners "The Northerners" who at first didn't even know there was a quiz on! Tonight we had points go to teams who knew their Cupids and their Romeos...

Daniel C
Thursday Feb 14 @ 8 pm

Tie breakers all round

We needed two tiebreakers tonight as team 'A little less conversation a little more quiz' and 'At least we’ll come third' both tied for our second to the last place which eventually went to team 'A little less' and we also needed another tiebreaker as they also tied for our bonus round with regular team 'Japanese Peace Lillies', it was a close one but they also got that one too to enter our wheel of fortune round, sadly though they span the wheel and landed on better luck next time. With half of tonight’s entrance fees...

Charlie T
Thursday Feb 14 @ 8 pm

The Dragons Take Back Command

A more intimate affair this week for our Valentine's Special. Four teams turned up with a love of quizzing in their hearts and lust for victory in the stomachs. 'Zion Dragons of Death' - whittled down to a quattro - took the ultimate victory bar tab of £50. The first-time duo 'Laubbie' took the 2nd last half pints of Portabello. A fine quiz - if tough in places. I'm off on sabbatical now - see you in 6 weeks, quiz fiends. Love you all xxx

Luke M
Thursday Feb 14 @ 7 pm

Love is in despair

On the sexiest and most romantic night of the year, 6 teams assembled at the Pembroke in Chalk Farm to try and put Valentine’s Day out of their minds as they reside themselves for the quiz. There were trivia, trauma, and tears, as one team broke up under the strain of the quiz, but thankfully reconciled and got themselves back together on time to win the quiz and take home the 30-pound bar tab. And isn’t that what love is all about?

Julia H
Thursday Feb 14 @ 7 pm

For the Looooove of Knowledge

Happy Valentine's Day, quizzers! Tonight's main event was a love-themed tin foil sculpture competition. Hop Poles bar staff judged a creative interpretation of "Netflix and Chill" as the winners, which earned Team "Ultimate Quizbee" 2 bonus points. The rest of the quiz was great fun as usual, but our jackpot was not snatched up tonight, so it will roll on into next week. Yippee!

Luke T
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

A fresh mix up at the top

Gone are the days when you could predict the winner at The Spo Ho. The coveted top spot is a spinning merry go round of South West London's finest quizzing talent, while teams who have previously routinely stepped up to the (proverbial) winner's podium languish nearer the bottom of the top 10 (listed here) than the top. The rollover's getting juicy again - over £200 next week at 1 in 5 odds. We'll be back next week for Putney's finest Wednesday Quiz - be there or be square!

James C
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Uninvincibles Do It Again!

The Uninvincibles, who have won our quiz various times in the past - and were runners up by a mere half point last week - achieve another strong victory, this time by a overwhelming 5-point lead over 2nd place. 3-lady team Marbella, who was 6th in the overall standings, got the opportunity to play the Jackpot, reaching very close to the end, when Lady Luck showed that following the odds isn't always a path to guaranteed success. This way, the kitty will be a whopping £213.00 next week.

Dean D
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Gandalf visits Pornhub

A relatively quiet night the Rising Sun tonight but more than made up for with great sense of fun and humour from our contestants. The round earth society cleaned up tonight by not only winning the quiz with a fifty pound food and drink voucher but also won the jackpot of £103.00 Next week the jackpot begins again at £16.00

Anne W
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Half Term!!

So it was a quiet one this week but Quiz Akabusi smashed it with 31 points!! There was a lot of love for Hearsay :D (we even had some singing) I and M did a great job having joined late, they caught up very quickly and propped up the bar very successfully!! My regulars will be back next week and hopefully we’ll see you all again. Have a good week everyone!

Ben L
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Queens Head to Head

2 teams battled it out for quiz night at The Queens Head in Chiswick; it was very much neck and neck at half time. Less Points than Prince Phillip won it by a bit more than a nose but Quiz Akubusi hurdled the final question for a chance to play for a jackpot of £76. Unfortunately they were bested by Lady Luck as the card game of higher or lower didn’t quite go there way. See you next week on Wednesday at 8pm folks!!

Hezron S
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Consistently Inconsistent Becomes Consistent!

In the first round no name had the win by far. We all thought that they had this in the bag! However 3 teams caught up in the 2nd round and it became quite tense! Consistently inconsistent won by 2 points and took home that bar tab! The jackpot game was close too! But only two teams got the question right. Sadly, they lost the money!

Tom W
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Hoopla hoo-ha

Another fantastic night at the Railway Tavern . This week I had teams playing game of Hoopla also known as ring toss . Teams had two attempts to get the ring over the Peg, a point per success. this turned out to be a bit of an anti climax as not one team managed to get the hoop over the Peg. There was however a team that manage to win the jackpot. They had to get 9 cards in a row, it was tense but blow me down if they only went and did it. £111...

Jonathon M
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Barflies Break Open the Jackpot!

Well, it has finally happened. The large and enticing cash jackpot was finally won. Tonight was a fantastic night for "The Barflies" who have claimed the £360 in cash - not a bad concession for coming last place in the quiz! In fact everyone who played came away with a prize, whether that was a bottle of wine for "Plan B" or a £50 bar tab for "I Thought This Was Speed Dating", who had a great second half and pulled into the lead by just one point. I'm sure the jackpot won't stay idle for...

Graeme W
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

A Complete Fiasco From Beginning To End

There was a familiar name at the top of the table at the end of tonight’s quiz at The Hare and Billet, as The Tabasco Fiasco were the dominant force. Tonight’s winners led at the halfway point on 19, two ahead of Tulisa Mafia on 17, but then pulled away to take the top prize (a £50 bar tab) with a superb 39 points. Second placed It’s A Fix!!! had a storming second half, racking up 21 points, but were still 4 behind the leaders in the end on 35. This evening’s winners of the prize...

Josh H
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Another Win For The Quizzy V's!

🥇"Quizzical Virgins"🥇were back at the top again after tonight's quiz after holding off stiff competition from "Quiz On MyFace" who came in second. Our solo quizzer "Quizteam Aguilera" jumped straight off a plane from Chicago and straight to the quiz as he couldn't wait for a bit of British trivia and ended up winning the bottle of house wine after coming in second to last and also beating our last placed side "Quiz In My Mouth" who had six players onside. They did however have a secret weapon... One lovely lady from their team had the...

Callan D
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Double Win For The Dragons

At the British Queen, the royally good Wednesday night quiz took centre stage as Dragon Lampires stormed to victory in both halves to win 2 £25 bar tabs. It wasn’t without a fight though as they only won by a point and a winning tiebreaker respectively in each half. Will you be the team that stops their reign? Find out next week at the best quiz with a BR postcode, at the British Queen!

Jason T
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

A final sprint takes the winners across the line

It was a final sprint that took 'Atletico Madrid' across the line to a one point lead over their nearest rivals. They knew about things as varied as 'wanderlust' and Stephen Hawking. There was stiff competition for the wine for coming second-to-last throughout the quiz but the prize was finally won by a team of three, propping up the bar, called 'Kinect Hub'. It was a very busy and fun night all round. No one got the rollover cash jackpot which will be an impressive £177 next week so book your tables now for Wednesday's pub...

Charles C
Wednesday Feb 13 @ 8 pm

Our safe word will be “WHISKEY”. Or should that be..."QUIZKEY"...?

Excitement levels at the action-packed, buzzing quiz at The Duchy Arms last night were driven through the roof by guest sponsors, Jameson, handing out signature Jameson-Ginger-Limes with generous gusto. As the whiskey sank in, we managed to learn that golf is the only sport to have been played on the moon, ‘wanderlust’ is actually an old German word and John Jameson, the founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey, was, in fact, Scottish! Just missing out on the bottle of wine, local duo: “Does Anyone Know A Plumber 'Coz Our Boiler's Conked!” (excellent cartoon knowledge) earnt the consolation...

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