Peter C
Sunday Oct 13 @ 8 pm

Big Crowd, Big Fun....

A full house of 12 teams locked mental horns at The East Hill Quiz on Sunday evening. A fun filled contest with a nailbitingly close score line.... At half time 6 teams were separated by only a point.... a closeness that carried through to the end. Two teams shared the 3rd highest score, only point up two teams shared the second highest and only one point higher sat the winners: Where's Al. So the five top teams on a 2 point spread ! Amazingly close. The Jackpot question went to a tie break.... with Where's Al...

William M
Sunday Oct 13 @ 8 pm

Money and More for More Moretti

It was a Lyfe changing night for More Moretti 4 Lyfe who not only beat Highbury and Quizzlington to win the top prize but then also won the closest too question AND play your cards right so got the jackpot and went home £135 richer! Good performances all round, Waiting for Phil didn’t wait too long to be the first to guess the anagram, while Team Erika got themselves a nice free drink. As the nights get colder and darker get down to the Manor Arms to warm up those brain cells and maybe you’ll be...

Elizabeth W
Sunday Oct 13 @ 8 pm

Esther Is 31 played their cards right

There may have only been 4 teams but my god were they competitive! It looked like all was lost for Esther Is 31, but then they walked away with a whopping £98 in the Jackpot Round! Gucci Gang x 4 won our illustrious second to last prize with a bottle of vino. The quiz ended in a nail biting tie breaker, but it was The Steve Salter School who sealed the win and a £50 bar tab.

Tessa H
Sunday Oct 13 @ 8 pm

They were thankful at Team Thanksgiving!

Well done to all of you that spent your Sunday evening, nourishing your brain muscles with us, Thanksgiving came early tonight, and first as they were the winners of the evening! Well done guys and please come and join us next Sunday for a chance to win that jackpot rollover!

Howard S
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

What a night!

In a PACKED quiz we had a right old night of fun. The quiz was won worthily by PV Refugees who have come to us as a homeless pub quiz team and we've taken under our wing so to see them flourish is great. There was also a multiple play off to play the Jackpot which was then not won! Next week £157 to win!

Victoria S
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Quizzers Anonymous

A fun, fab, front-line of a quiz tonight, that appeared to have a hidden pirate theme within. We had cryptic TV shows; that had us head scratching. An 80s comedienne teamed with an 80s song, and an explosive first round. Tonight a tiebreaker ensued for the 2nd to last place, with the winners 'The Wombles' going home with a bottle of red. The overall winners tonight though were 'Our Drinking Team Has A Quiz Problem', who were more than happy with their £50 bar tab to see them through to next week!

Nigel B
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Tree wizard climb to the top.

Oh what a night, as the song goes. So this had to be one of the most hotly contested quizzes for a long time. It seems that everyone brought their A game to the table tonight. Tree wizard performed admirably and stole the show by a single point from Norfolk and chance with all the other teams within five points. It was a great effort by all. PYCR was not won, and so rolls over to next week.

Marnie N
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Finding not Hunting

There were huge dogs in the bar tonight and it was packed with quizzers as the nights draw in and the lights go down. 50 players put their wits in 15 teams. We had Pepe’s People who didn’t win by the most amount - there are no losers here. W4Midable had a cracking first half but were seeing off by Big Fact Hunt who took the top spot and a ton of cash!

Daniel C
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Archie Nemesis win big

It was close to a double winning night this evening with Your Archie Nemesis bagging themselves 43 points to top the table to get our £50 bar tab but also got our closest too question to enter the play your cards right jackpot round, with 9 cards to go through to get to that £150 cash jackpot they started well but half way through they chose to go higher than a 6 only to be shown a 3 and unfortunately loose- but of course that can only mean that next weeks jackpot increases to £200 in...

Tyrone A
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Local Newcomers Pop In.... And Win All At The King's Arms.

A group of bright young things wandered in to our esteemed Waterloo quiz tonight touting that they had no idea that we operated so close to their home (next door). They played down their chances but after a good first half managed to swat aside regualr big-hitters Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera and We Like Pints to win the £30 bar spend first prize by a clear 4 points. Exceeding their own expectaions, they have vowed to return... But will you come along? Yes? Splendid. Come on down to The King's Arms next and every Sunday for fun, games and...

Rita S
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Remember About Tracey Ullman!

Hello friends! Sixteen teams met up at the Pilgrim Pub and we had an exciting time. In the end, the newcomers "Thanks Dan! (Podcast)" won the £50 voucher and first prize, as well as promoting their podcast (to be found at ); they earned 40 points, which is pretty amazing! The runners-up were the returning champions of yore, Depeche Maude with 39 points. On the other end of the spectrum we've had David Cameron Diaz win the wine - team Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi missed it by half point and were very disappointed! Finally,...

Celia L
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

One point to victory

10 teams to battle tonight at The Hero, but who came out triumphant?? By one point, "rapids rubber dingy bro" clinched the title of first place, the glory and £62.00 prize money that came with it! Commiserations to "slim shady" - three solo quizzers who joined forces in the hope to win tonight, putting their brains together! But I hope they have now a quizzing friendship to keep growing together Congrats to "Bourne Boys +2" who won their second to last bottle of wine!

Alex D
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Lauren's mum is a lucky charm

Oh My God! How exciting was the quiz this evening! It all started around 6.30 when the teams started arriving, quivering with excitement as they asked questions like “is this our table?” and “can I have a white wine please”. The tension mounted when, at 7pm, I went round the teams, delivering such witticisms as “£2 per person so £6 in all”. After each team had received their own personal moment of comedy genius, I amazed the crowd by saying “good evening”. The pub erupted into paroxysmal of joy. But the excitement didn’t end there. I...

Graham E
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Rags To Riches!

Newcomers 'Rag City' managed to fend off regular winners 'Phoenix Five' by a single point to take first place and the £50 bar tab. Returning team of friends 'Amazing Timetablers' bested quizzing couple 'The Duelling Quizzards', in a tiebreak for second-to-last and the bottle of wine, coming closest to correctly guessing the number of pop stars in the original Band Aid line-up. 'Queen Equizabeth' just lost out in a game of Play Your Cards Right, so the jackpot rolls over to next week when it should be more than £130!

Andrew P
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

The Woombles score highest but Home & Away have all bases covered!

On a chilly October night in Loughton, whilst there were no shortage of clever Trevors competing for the prize, it was all about having fun and taking part! Rubbish, I hear you shout? All shall be revealed. Whilst it was cold outside, the majority of our questions got a warm reception! There were however a few sub-zeros in the quiz, only a few guessing that Nevada was the US state with the Spanish name for 'Snow Covered'. Thankfully, quite a few more knew that the cryptic clue of 'Summit Summit' was indeed the TV show 'Twin...

Gerry H
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

the 3 headed winner

if only there could be a draw. or more than one could team could win. wouldn't that be nice? if 2, or even three teams could share the glory of victory. and the prize too. oh, how nice that would be. if only. but the quiz, like life itself, is not fair and there can be only one winner. for the first time in recorded history the quiz went to a three way tie break, and only one team had any idea how fast trains can go in France. Bravo and Bon Voyage!

Benny A
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

The Belly Got Us

A great night of quizzing at the Crown and Greyhound. Team "The Belly's Gonna Get You" tool first place tonight by some way, in what can only be described as a brilliant performance. Tony from team "Yorkshire Roses" came close to grabbing the jackpot, but failed on the final card in a game of Play Your Cards Right, so next week the total is £83.50. See you there!

Ashleigh H
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Tracey Ullman anagram torture

The anagram. Wow. It had them in a tizz. Dire straits. Not the band. Tracy Ullman was the name not on everyone's tongues tonight. And it was costly. Tonight's second round must be what the Germans felt like when it all started going awry. That first set of questions makes you feel mighty and all-powerful. And then round 2 sneaks up on you, and the next thing you're hiding in a bunker with your dog, and no one is coming to help you. SIM cards got people hot under the collar tonight. Specifically, the S in...

Liam E
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm


Tonight at The Rose it got serious and dramatic as we headed to a (insert overly dramatic American voiceover voice) TIEBREAKER between two teams. One called Tinder Surprise the other going by the name of ‘Samantha’s 2nd Birthday’ and the team that held their nerve was Samantha’s and they earned a lovey bottle of champagne from the 5 envelopes, well done champs!

Verity K
Sunday Oct 13 @ 7 pm

Hannah’s Birthday brings luck!

Tonuunit at the lovely Islington Town shall Hannah had another reason to celebrate her birthday when her team came first place! Spurred on by her many balloons and lovely team mates, Hannah got the top spot and gave me a lovely slice of cake! In second place BY ONE POINT was I Quizzes In My Pants, whos only female member stated early ‘I’m with 3 boys’. Thanks to everyone who played!

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