William M
Thursday Dec 13 @ 8 pm

"The Hand Models" Win Hands Down - Good Job!

It was a fun filled and full quiz tonight at The Manor Arms with eleven teams of brainy bombers, wise men and... dead giraffes. "The Unemployed Hand Models" deserve a big hand for winning with an incredible 43 points (and also bagging themselves a free drink). Meanwhile, "Pork Scratchings" decided that they went well with a drink so won the other free drinks available. The chance of "2 The Manor Born" winning the jackpot was arrested by 999 so it’ll roll over to next week, just in time for someone to win a bit of extra...

Junior A
Thursday Dec 13 @ 8 pm

"The Stockwell Supermen" Win Both Free Drinks And Take The Cash Pot!!!

It was close with only 3 points separating the top 3 teams. "The Prunners" came 2nd from last 2 weeks running winning the bottle of wine which they kindly donated to the bar staff, what great Christmas spirit!!!!! The ‘play your cards right’ jackpot has rolled over to next week which is now £60. Join us next week Thursday at The Plough, Dulwich at 8pm for our Christmas special!

Josh H
Thursday Dec 13 @ 7 pm

"Vote Of Incontinence!"

"Vote Of Incontinence" won with a superb showing this week scoring 42 points out of a possible 50 including the creative round bonus points which they added to their winning spree... The odds were stacked in their favour as a team of six, they had optimum team numbers and all the other six teams bar one team of three were pairs. That advantage however, should not take away from a great victory with a score that would be hard to beat on any evening. My mother and her friend also took part but the so called...

Julia H
Thursday Dec 13 @ 7 pm

Everyone Wins At Christmas!

Well, what a very fair evening indeed! Three teams competed in a very festive quiz, filled to the brim with cheesy Christmas songs and mince pies. Top prize went to "A Hebby Christmas" with 38 huge points! In a rare turn of events, second to last place was also second place, which meant our runners-up won a bottle of wine. Not to be left behind, Team "Homies" were the closest at guessing how much dosh families tend to spend at Christmas, which meant they got a crack at the jackpot. Unfortunately it escaped their grasp and...

Graeme W
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

"Blackheath Babes" Bring Home The Bacon!

It was a close-run thing at the top of the quiz table this evening at The Hare & Billet. However, the £50 bar tab 1st prize and the mantle of quiz champions this evening went to Blackheath Babes. They managed to amass an excellent 34 points for their victory, but they were only a point ahead of second-placed "It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Quizmas": as a one-off special prize for tonight’s quiz, however, their 2nd place was rewarded with a case of Asahi beer, so the disappointment of just missing out was somewhat tempered....

Thomas L
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

New Champions!

After a short hiatus, the pub quiz was back in full swing at The Weavers Arms. The champion team was missing which allowed consistent runners up "The Real Turks" to take the crown. In the face of some tricky questions all teams put in a great effort, not least the "Fridge Freezers Geezers" who walked away with the second to last prize and the award for best team name. The jackpot went unclaimed again which means it now stands at £120!

Victoria S
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

The Dynamic Duo Cannot Be Beat!!

More innuendos than you can shake a piece of wood at in tonight's quiz at The Nightingale! Images of Borat in a mankini, The Eiffel Tower, and Nigella Lawson added to this saucy themed quiz. We kept it clean, however, winning is serious business... "Merry Quizmas" won twofold by coming 2nd AND getting to pick 2 envelopes for the Jackpot round... They got 20 seconds behind the bar, so the Jackpot is still up for grabs next week. The ultimate winners of the night were "Batman And Robin". Streaming ahead of the rest with a massive...

Nigel B
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

Nigel's Birthday Treat.

Hi chaps. Xmas definitely round the corner, as The Cutty Sark had one of its quietest night's of the year. It didn't stop the quiz from having a very exciting finish. "The Goons" looked set to shake off their runners up tag but were caught at the line by "Who's Giving Nigel A Birthday Shag". "The Goons" then had to endure a tiebreaker to secure that second spot. "Xmaspacito" claimed the bottle of wine for second to last place. Here's hoping next week is a little more busy.

Josh H
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

"Theresa's Leaving Do" Beaten By Love! 😍

It was an interesting evening in The Draft House as we awaited the results of the leadership vote. "Brendan Loves Flo" came up trumps on their debut at the quiz and held off stiff competition from "Theresa's Leaving Do". The creative round matched the drama unfolding in Westminster as we quizzed and you can see the results below.

Charles C
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

13 Sleeps Until Christmas But Only 7 Sleeps Until The Next Quiz!

The chill outside made the warm ambience of last night's quiz even more toasty. Thankfully not as hot as the grilling Theresa May was having at the same time! Still, heat was applied to our quizzers by way of questions on the mankini (not to be confused with the sidekini - don't Google it), Sleeping Beauty and St Bernard dogs. At the end, "12 Days of Quizmas" (excellent football knowledge but foxed by the tube stations question) just missed the bottle of wine, which went to "Gin-Gle Bells" (incredible insight into Nigella Lawson's private life). "A...

Howard S
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

Festive Fun Quiz!

"The 1922 Committee" were victorious on this night with a two point win instead of the defeat the Real 1922 Committee received. It didn't end there though we had a real battle for the right to play for the jackpot. Which unfortunately wasn't won so next week we have £112 to play for!

Marc F
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

Generation Gamers Play A Good Game, Good Game.

A team of two generations (I'm assuming as I didn't ask but a young couple and one set of their parents) surged forth to take a convincing win on a busy night at The Bull. They played a convincing game and were able to successfully navigate through a tough set of questions and win a big pot of £82. When asked how they'd spend the money, they came back with another correct answer... 'Drink it!' Not even a big Christmas party upstairs could amass the collective knowledge to snatch victory from a very confident winning team....

Mike K
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

Spoils Shared!

"Dragon Lampires" (ex Rivets, etc) were tonight's overall winners at The British Queen after taking the first quiz by three points from "In The Corner", but "Aaaargh Here It Goes" came back to snatch the second by a point from the "Dragon Lampires" and "In The Corner", who tied for second. "Partridge In A Pear Theresa" made up the four team challenge on a fun but noisy night.

Tom K
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

£339 Won On Play Your Cards Right Rollover!

The biggest ever Play Your Cards Right pot at The Bobbin was won this week - £339 had been chucked in over the last few weeks and it finally found its way into someone's pocket. Dave - a weary traveller from Helston, Cornwall - has found refuge in The Bobbin on Wednesdays over recent years, but this particular Wednesday was something special indeed. Elsewhere, Drawing of a Co*k continued their fine form to seal a comprehensive victory with a near perfect answer sheet. Captain Co*k commented afterwards, "Tequila!". Who will win next week though? The final...

Keiran L
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

"The Barflies" Make It A Double!

Congrats to "The Barflies" on making it a double this week. The last quiz before Christmas will be next week. Will somebody be able to claim the jackpot and a contribution towards their present buying? Tonight we learned that Homer and Marge Simpson met in 1974. And they’re still going strong...

Graham E
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

A Festive Feast!

The Rylston regulars sat down to a fabulous three-course Christmas dinner tonight, as they enjoyed a Yuletide-themed quiz. There were Christmas jumpers and party hats aplenty at a boisterous event where the questions could barely be heard over the bangs of Christmas crackers! Coming out on top were the naughtily named "I Saw Mommy Shagging Santa Claus", whose seasonal swotting paid off, as they scored an excellent 40 points to claim the £40 bar tab, while previous winners "Quiztal Meth" collected the wine in second-to-last. The jackpot rolls over to our last quiz of 2018 next...

James C
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

(Powerpuff) Girl Power Conquers The Angel!

A Thursday quiz night for a change at The Angel due to previously booked Christmas celebrations, which saw "The Powerpuff Girls" - a team comprised only of young ladies - win its main prize. Congratulation to all of those who left their dwellings for a night out on such a cold and chilly winter evening, in which 'Girl Power' just managed to beat a team of seasoned veterans of our event, who - in an outstanding flash of foresight - this time decided to called themselves "Second Place".

Leda D
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

It Is Confirmed... "TBC" Are The Winners!!!

Another fantastic quiz night at the Rising Sun. The questions were tough and so was the competition, but "TBC" won the top spot by just 1/2 a point, winning them a well deserved £50 drinks voucher!! No jackpot winner tonight but that means it's even more money and a bigger chance to win it next week. We hope to see you there!

Tom W
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 8 pm

Full Of Hot Air

Wednesday night at The Railway Tavern and another epic quiz. This week I got teams to select a member of their team and told them to pick the one with the best lung capacity. I lined them all up and gave them each a balloon 🎈. The person who could blow up their balloon and pop it without using any sharp objects won the bonus points. It was the lovely ladies on their Christmas party night out, that won the extra points. Congratulations to the "Three Idiots’ who won, not an observation just the team name....

David J
Wednesday Dec 12 @ 7 pm

Quizmas Cheer

I'll never get tired of Christmas puns. This week at Brewhouse & Kitchen, many teams came to play and there was a lot of excitement in the air, but when all was said and done, there could only be one winner. At the end, a tie had to be broken by "Wide Eyed And Clueless", and "I've Got 48 Problems But May Ain't One"! The former won the quiz and got to take away the £25 bar tab. On top of that, they also received a donation towards Harry's Rainbow, a local charity for bereaved children:...

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