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David M.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 8 pm

Biblical Belter

Img 20180121 135953

It was a real biblical belter in The Ram in Kingston this Sunday. 'The Garden Of Aden' were able to score themselves a belting £50 bar token to be spent on whatever they like at the bar. It was a truly incredible win and took everyone by surprise! But this quiz is not just about the winning it's...

Marnie N.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 8 pm

Cosy at The Duke


The weekend downpour couldn’t keep Chiswick’s finest from quizzing their hearts out tonight. Newcomers '5 Go Wild' came with a lovely array of coloured pens and it was great to see 'Clueless' back after a Christmas break. However it was 'Horny for Six' who topped the table all the way and took a...

549529 10151595003659646 279349766 n
Jo S.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 8 pm

Fortune Favours the Brave

Jam+tree+1 Jam+tree+2 Jam+tree+3

This evening we were delighted that four brave teams made it out to The Jam Tree to join us for another Sunday quiz in the cosy Bookcase Bar, in spite of the wind and the rain (not to mention the snow!). And in view of what they'd had to face journeying through the gruesome weather conditions to get...

Ellie W.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 8 pm

Hero’s Scoop The Tab


£50 bar tab - went to the dream team in the photo - well done y’all! The rollover is at £150.00 next week, ‘Quiz In My Pants’ didn’t choose the right envelope and got the crisps this time - more for everyone next time. Will you join us next week? See you at 8pm Sunday night at The East Hill! :)

Howard S.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

What a First Date


Team '1st Date' won the quiz which is quite worrying as they were quite clearly a family team! Not a problem as all are welcome at Chiswick's best Sunday night quiz. Free drinks up for grabs, a bottle of house wine and a fifty pound voucher for the the winner (redeemable from the Old Pack Horse). IF...

Daniel C.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

They Finally Do It

Walmer+castle+1 Walmer+castle

Regular team 'The Jizz Machine' won our top prize of a £50 bar tab, they’ve often got close to it but tonight was their night! Our bottle of wine for second to last place went to team 'The Ex Pats' who traveled all the way from the USA to be here. Our bonus 2 free drinks questions helped get...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Winning Streak Broken


Well done to 'Homage to Catford' who toppled the dominant team of the last 3 months 'My Interesting Lady Friend', with a performance that would have won any other week. But tonight the standard was so high that it wasn't to be, as 'Sexual Chocolate' pulled off a phenomenal performance to the awe of...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

S Club 7 - Kylie Jenner and Oprah Winfrey walk into a bar...


Brilliant night back in Clapham tonight. We had 4 teams battle it out, with “Too Square” storming ahead with a lead of 6 points ahead of second place to win the £50 bar tab and, ironically, the “Dry January’s” coming second to last and taking home the free bottle of wine! I hope to see everyone back...

Jodyanne F.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Go ahead, GIF me!

Blankety+blank Disorganised Quiztima+aquilera

'Disorganised' felt gross national happiness when they took the bonus drink in round one whilst 'Quiztima Aquilera' admitted they didn't just like 'Cricket' to take the second. Meanwhile '#Laurasainsburyfanclub' toppled the statue before others had even hit the square to take the bonus anagram point...

Nigel B.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Angry Penguins Not So Angry Now

Shi+inn+2 Ship+inn

Hiya guys! Good turnout in atrocious weather. Nice to see last week was not a flash in the pan. Eight teams eager to do battle assembled at The Ship Inn. First half as a fairly close affair with team 'Moe' edging it by a couple of points. As always the second half proved to be their downfall as the...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Pride, No Prejudice and Persuasion


Well done to all our teams after a rocky start, it seemed the horrid weather had kept people in front of their fires and only our die hard stalwarts turned up, fortunately a new team could be persuaded to join in after the first couple of questions so all forged ahead. 'JellyBeans' just pipped...

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Three Wise Toms Sink the Spanish


In a quiz packed to the gills with eager teams ready to do battle, and with all eyes on the ever victorious and thoroughly nice team 'The Spanish Inquizition', one team fought nobly and bravely to clinch a victory by a mere one point- a freak that had not been achieved for several days and several...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Dog eat Dog

Dsc 0094

They came, They quizzed, They woofed and They won. Top marks to the winning team with the smartest dog in Forest Hill, who made all the humans look positively ignorant in comparison. Even the mighty 'Cloalkand FC', reinvigorated after a few weeks off on a Mensa Spa break, were no match for the...

Liam E.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

£152 Jackpot Win


It’s been building up, yet tonight at a fun banterous night at The Rose we gave away a lovley £152.00 to a team named “C U Next Tuesday” who won by half a point! And managed to pick the correct envelope, well done guys! Enjoy your winnings and bring on next week!! :)

William F.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Brucey Scores a Hattrick

20180121 212529

So for the third time, 'The Bruce Quizteam' reaps the rewards of a well played quiz, will nobody stop these knowledgeable knights on their everlasting quest for answers (and £50 bar tab top prize)? Think you can do better? Come and take on The Bruce Quizteam' at The Cherry Tree on a Sunday!

5c1b68ac eed7 4644 a89b 9da82db57ae7
Celia L.
Sunday Jan 21 @ 7 pm

Let’s Hear It For The Home Team

Prince+albert Prince+albert+2

Well it seems as though the rain and snow kept people at home today - but of course, to paraphrase the late Freddie Mercury: The Quiz must go on!! After all: it’s not about the quantity of people but the quality - right?! And we had 4 teams in tonight; 12 lovely punters in total at The Prince Albert...

Img 1015
Peter C.
Thursday Jan 18 @ 8 pm

‘Just Sack Pete’ Breeze to Victory on Windy Day

Plugh+1 Plugh+2 Plugh+3

Pete’s second week in the job will forever be remembered for a stunning victory for ‘Just Sack Pete’ - a team name not associated in any way with The Plough’s much-loved and admired new quizmaster. Although other teams such as ‘Karate Marble Factory’ (40) and ‘Duff’ (40) gave it their best shot, a...

17038627 729961793840222 1644432712771198782 o
Hannah E.
Thursday Jan 18 @ 8 pm

'I Got This Done In Selfridges' *Points To Eyebrow Piercing


A fabulous quiz, paired well with gnocchi! Our 5 teams enjoyed a challenging but varied quiz with questions on Disney film characters, cricket and famous wigs. The jackpot eluded this week's teams but perhaps it an be won next week - when it stands at £202 cash-in-your-hand! 💸💸💸💸

Jonathon M.
Thursday Jan 18 @ 8 pm

Mean Old Quizmaster Doesn't Do Half Points

Station+hotel+1 Station+hotel+2

Many of the teams at tonight's rousing pub quiz had a love/hate relationship with the Quizmaster! In the first half he was a big meanie and refused to give half points for silly answers. But then he charmed his way back in the second half and gave out clever hints and a few bonus points. Not to...

Hugh S.
Thursday Jan 18 @ 8 pm

An Incredible Night of Winning and Singing! Jackpot won at £465!!

Manor+arms+1 Manor+arms+2 Manor+arms+3

Streatham's Manor Arms drew an excellent crowd last night with the winning bar tab of £40 going to the brilliantly named 'Quiz Eubank's Thooper Thtars' and the free bottle of wine going to Luke's Stag. But stop the presses! The jackpot was won last night by Liss of team 'Blue Bibs' who answered the...

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