Wade M
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Gays and Girls Rule!

A sweaty night in Crouch End brought out some of the brightest minds, as the Railway was rocking for the other Tuesday night of quizzing. Quizmaster Wade was also back and fired up with all the questions for the curious crowd. The powerhouse team of Gays and Girls was all over the quiz, using their savvy (and French guest) to rumble through the quiz. In the end, they were too much-and bested a returning champ in 'Where's Alan.' Another great quiz, another great crowd. See you next Tuesday!

Hannah E
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Everyone Got To See My Impression of a Baby Hedgehog

It involves a number of cocktail straws. A big turn out for the Quiz this week at Islington Townhouse, lots of previous winners coming 4th and 3rd place - obviously, that was very satisfying to watch. Jackpot has continued to get bigger, it’ll be £116 next week! Come get it!

Graham E
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Tiebreak!

A busy and exciting night of quizzing ended with a highly unusual tie as two teams - 'We Mean Quizness' and 'Dannabel' - both came equally close to guessing the correct answer to the jackpot question. A further poser was required to separate the two with 'We Mean Quizness' coming out on top. Sadly, they could only pick a packet of crisps in the subsequent envelope challenge, which means that the jackpot will roll over to next week when it will stand at £250!

Monica N
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Forty Questions, Three Dogs and A Baby...

Three teams - a mixture of old and new - gathered at the Builders Arms on Tuesday to fight for the top prize of a £50 bar tab. We were joined by one baby and three dogs! Our teams went head to head in a creative round which asked them to complete a limerick beginning with the line 'There was a young lady from Wales', which was won by ESA The Second. 'The Jackson Six' took home first prize with ''The Lamers' claiming a bottle of wine.

Jessica S
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Too Hot, Too Spicy?

We had a lovely 5 teams brave the humid weather to come on down to the Leyton Star tonight for our quiz! After the first half, That Is Spicy II were leading the way with 19 points and it was a toss up between ARM and Slugs Mansion both on 14 and Christopher Reeves Horseriding School on 13 for the bottle of wine. This week's creative round was 'The Worst Group Activity on a Cruise Ship' which was judged, as ever, by the bar team. Their favourite answer "After Bingo Gang Bang" won ARM an extra...

Dean D
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Fun in Finchley

This was the very first quiz at Finchley's newest venue the King of Prussia. Everyone who entered the quiz was treated to a free drink as welcome to the King's very first quiz night. Whilst it was a pretty evenly matched quiz the Dead Chicken Society team romped home with the £50.00 bar tab. The second to last prize of a bottle of wine went to the very surprised duo The Elephant Inn. Make Tuesday night your regular quiz night at the King of Prussia.

Jonathon M
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Haikus for Boris

Another fun and exciting evening at the Westow House in Crystal Palace, and I can definitively say that there were more people playing the quiz in the restaurant section than there were in the whole rest of the bar! This is where it happens on a Tuesday night. We had loads of fun questions and tricky trivia, and at the end, it was "A Bucket of Wine and a Punchbag Please" back on top with a strong score of 39 points. Our creative round was lent to poor old Boris Johnson who currently needs some relationship...

Matt J
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

The early quizzers catches the wine!

The teams that joined us upstairs at the Prince Albert for Tuesday's quiz, really got into the swing of things, and there was some great banter, and even some negotiation of points going on. Quizzed to early, won the regular quiz and bagged themselves a bottle of wine for and O'Trivia Newton-John a couple of free drinks. The highlight of the evening from any number, but could have been a member of Quizzed too early singing Shotgun, apparently one of his favourite songs. The 'I did not know that' moment of the night came from finding...

Rita S
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Harry Potter And The Champions Of Knowledge! Better-Quiz Less-Strange Victorious!

Twenty six teams assembled to answer the questions about all things Harry Potter! This was certainly a quiz to remember. We answered questions about flying cars, Triwizard Champions and Lee Jordan's illegal radio station. The scores varied wildly and the competition was extremely strong! With Gryffinwhores and Accio Beer as runner-ups who both scored 38, the quiz was won by Better-Quiz Less-Strange, who scored that crucial half a point and ended at 38.5. Drinks were plentiful and questions progressively harder (the one about Professor Slughorn's fish raised many an eyebrow), but we all had a good...

Junior A
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Chardonnay Are Back With A Bang

After 5-6 week away Team Chardonnay were back to take their crown with an impressive 35 points. A great night had by all and another rollover for the bonus jackpot cash prize taking it up to £305!!!! Do you fancy your chances? do you have a team that can take on the likes of Chardonnay? Do you just want to get out of your house and off social media on a Tuesday evening? Then come and join us each and every Tuesday and the marvelous venue Griffin Belle. Book tables in advance to save disappointment. Also...

Tyrone A
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

The Boozehounds Sniff Out An Oval Victory Once Again

If a team was awarded wins for loyalty then The Boozehounds would win by a landslide every week. Their attendance is flawless but their win rate... not so much. However, this week saw them absolutely romp home for the win by a cracking 4 point margin. The £50 bar spend first prize was theirs and the term also-ran can be disregarded forever. However, the other regular teams will be up for it next week and hopefully... so will you! Come and Join us at The Fentiman Arms, the best pub and quiz in The Oval every...

Keith H
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

steamy old night - tough on the Dog

Our Dog tonight gets a capital D; courtesy of The Ringers, it was an absolute creature, and to judge by the pained looks it kept giving me, plainly knew most of the answers. Wouldn't tell anyone else, though... We had a pleasantly larky night despite the general mugginess (incidentally, the 'steam' was all of the atmospheric variety, fear not) and the prizes for Let's... and Give us £20 were well deserved. It's lovely that at this pub lead keeps changing hands. And that's not the Dog's... oh.

James H
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Not "wide" of the mark.

So we are currently hosting the Cricket world cup at the moment? so with this news in mind, this was our theme for the evening and as ever the Catford locals rose to the occasion with their choice of team names. We had Googly bouncers and famous quotes and even a team suffering from the runs, but mostly we were Stumped! (Twice). Whilst the contest wasn't filmed, film or films did play a big part in the proceedings this evening as a keyword to encourage people to jump up shouting for points. Team Zero is still...

Matthew F
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

It’s not all about Boris....

....here at the Princess Of Wales but there was certainly some choice team names, not reflecting on the wannabe future leader well....! However, tonight was a happy time to be a Londoner as Blackheath came together to see “Never Gonna Quiz You Up” win over £60 in hard cash. Enough to buy a dodgy water cannon!

Simon G
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

And the crowd gets bigger

Amazing night at The Royal Oak. We had our regulars come back but we also had 2 new teams tonight join us . So word must have got around about the greatest quiz on the plant at the oak I guess. The Borris Johnson pictures were great for the creative round. Loved them guys. And so did the bar staff. Never had this happen before tho. But tonight we not only got one tie breaker to decide the winner, but there was also a tie breaker for the 2nd from last prize. 'Ready to Loose' who...

David G
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Mavericks are Marvelous!

The Mavericks won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. They won a closely fought contest to claim the £50 cash first-prize. The runners up had to be separated by a tie-break question, with the 2nd placed team winning a £25 bar tab. It was a double celebration as they also won the free drink for correctly answering the spot-prize question quickest; the third-placed team won a £15 bar tab. For a great night out, come to the Star by Hackney Downs next and every Tuesday. 8pm!

Richard L
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Little And Large.

As a cover quiz master at a venue one never knows quite what to expect but with friendly staff and seven friendly teams I felt at ease straight away. At the Peahen's regular Tuesday evening quiz . there were two teams with two players, one team of one player and three teams of six or more players. Size doesn't always mean success and proving this were the two teams in second place, one of just two players, the other of six. In the end the largest team won, eight players in total but even after a...

Graeme W
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Coalition Regain Power

The quiz behemoth which is Coalition Of Chaos rose to the top of the heap at The Bohemia once again this evening with a typically superb display. Joint leaders at the halfway point, tied with Odd Idiots on 19, the Coalition pulled away to win the £50 bar tab first prize with a grand total of 39 points, two ahead of Odd Idiots on 37, and fellow regulars Oliver’s Revenge II (presumably, this time it was personal) were 3rd on 34 points. The prize for second last this evening went to Lily Was Here On Time,...

Callan D
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

We’re In The Endgame Now...

Never before has such a quiz of this Marvelous magnitude been seen in the 9 realms. The East Hill in Wandsworth was the scene for an intellectual war that seemed to last infinity. The subject? Everything Marvel! With a £100 bar tab up for grabs it was a well fought battle but in the end one team decimated the field and snapped their way to victory. America’s Ass-Guardians sauntered to victory and I think we can all agree: I Am Groot.

Paige W
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Drawing of A C**k Are Back!

It was a night of friendly faces at the Rectory tonight, as we had some regular faces in to fight for the crown. In the end, returning team 'Drawing of a C**k' were in it to win it, which they did with an impressive 41 points! It was down to them as well to play for our jackpot, but unfortunately, a Queen was in the pack to dash their hopes of winning 70 quid. See you next week for another fierce night of competition at the Rectory!

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