Daniel C
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Jackpot winner and first time champs

Our top team tonight was Full House who had a very narrow single point lead at the half but they held their nerve and scored themselves 39 points to top the table tonight and win themselves our £50 bar tab while first time players The Flyers were our second to last bottle of wine winners. But our big winners tonight were returning team Shy Teds who were the ones to enter our wheel of fortune round and won our £300 cash jackpot, not bad considering they came in hoping to win the wine. It was a...

Liam E
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

I’ll be there for you

I love the Brouge as a venue and I love themed quizzes, especially the tv show Friends! Sooooo tonight was a match made in heaven as we had a marvellous 16 teams crammed into the pub to battle it out. Well done to our winners ‘I’m FINE’ with a total of 42 points! You are superfans indeed! Enjoy your £65 cash prize. Also we had to go to a tiebreaker for 2nd place as two teams had 41 points, but walking away with the £30 bar tab was ‘The one where we couldn’t decide on a...

Howard S
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm


In a packed hard fought quiz we ended up having to go to a tiebreaker to settle it. Tonight was very competitive and all the teams played well and one team even won free drinks for second to last! Then the Jackpot wasn't won so we now have £123.ash to play for next week.

Charlie T
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Oat Squeezing Time

It was a two-year stand-off at the Italian Job tonight. Regulars Oat Squeezing faced-up against newbies Quizards. It was a point between them at the half but Oats managed to strengthen their lead in the second round, coming out 10 points ahead. No matter for Quizzards - they came away with the free-pint and richer by a half-pint of Portobello each. Did you know the Italian Job quiz featured on Celebrity X Factor the other day? No, neither did I! Come next week for a potential brush with the stars 😍

Matthew K
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Mums Rum up Goliath total at Golden Lion

There was no catching the Mums on the Rum (or Gin) this week, as the trio lead from start to finish in Sydenham. KPR nearly caught up, scoring an incredible 21 points in the 2nd half, but it wasnt enough to make up for the shaky start which saw them 6 points adrift at the break. Colm's Army matched the winners second half total to come from last place, leapfrogging Probably one of my favourite quiz names to claim the bottle of wine.

Jonathon M
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Bridesmaids Finally Walk the Aisle!

It was a great night for "The Young Ones", who are usually a few points shy of first place, but tonight enough questions fell their way and they put their brain power together and finally took home the top prize! Well done to them. In second-to-last, winning the bottle of wine, was team "Fanny Packers" who are glad that they eventually decided to play! With the new renovations at the Station Hotel, the place looks great and it feels good to get back into the routine of the Thursday night quiz. See you next week!

Ashleigh H
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

You have to say the open brackets!

Such was the instruction last night from the winning team, Ben is never having sex again (Lucy is team captain). They won by three points and still weren't happy, saying they wanted to 'destroy the competition'. I know. Quizzing can be brutal. It was the Protea that had everyone stumped tonight. That and Scary Spice. The film License to Drive was also a tricky one, as was Josh Holloway who no one has heard of, not even me. It's almost Christmas time, chaps! The lights are up, there's festive cheer on the horizon. What better way...

Scott S
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

England 7 - Arab Boy - 8

England may have won the football last night but the famous Arab boy in downtown Putney Took the greater accolade Of hosting their famous Thursday night quiz night with five teams took to the field and had a pitch battle of brains… Very high scores indeed and at the end the jackpot was £92 and there was only two envelopes to choose from one was a winner one was full of football stickers and they won… The football stickers!

Michael C
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Tight End

It was a chilly night in good ol Clapton, with some good ol quizzers ready for a night of good ol quizzing. It was a closely fort night, with only 4 points separating the 3 teams by the end of the night. In the end it was Team Nugz who went home with the victorious victory. Well done folks, have some fun on good ol Question One.

Steven J
Thursday Nov 14 @ 8 pm

Return of the Hoes

The Hoes manage to clinch another impressive victory in a night of Mexico, Microsoft, Marlin, Melanie Brown, Mexico and Fiona Bruce. It was tight at the half but the Hoes ran away with the second half after an impressive fightback from We Were Here First. Man from Munroe finished off our evening of M's with a near Jackpot miss which means next week we'll be playing for £126. See you there or be Peglar Square...

Andy D
Thursday Nov 14 @ 7 pm

Cock a doodle do

11 teams came to play in North London’s hottest quiz tonight. ‘3 hens and 2 cocks’ formerly ‘the queersmasters’ took the prize after a sudden death showdown with ‘devils doorbells’. The limelight also goes to Baxter the 5 month puppy lab, so good that I completely forgot to take a picture of him, the regret runs deep. ‘Quizmasters fave’ won the wine tonight, our American friends ‘The Corn Huskers’’ almost broke the glass before winning a free pint and regulars ‘Ken Dodd’s....’ couldn’t win the jackpot so there’s another rollover. All in all a pretty good...

Nick H
Thursday Nov 14 @ 7 pm

He did say Mexico, but she insisted on Colombia - no points

Albeit a small, yet dare I say distinguished group this evening we had some fun. Bonnie (three months old) was as usual extremely well behaved despite the smoke alarm going off, just like her delightful parents. In experiencing the smoke alarm first hand, what I love about quaint old hostelries such as the Red Lion is that nobody takes the blindest bit of notice when it goes off as they are more concerned about protecting their pint! - that's the England we love. Anyway to the quiz. The destiny of the £50 bar voucher first prize...

Benny A
Thursday Nov 14 @ 7 pm

An Audience with Jackpot John

What an evening! There were so many laughs at tonight's Taproom quiz that it's hard to know where to begin. With the costume oriented creative round that gave us the wonderful Fisherman Jack, complete with flatcap and pipe? No, it must begin with Jackpot John, our cheeky chappy regular who tonight was offered the chance to ask question 35. In doing so he stumbled, gave away the answer and then ran away to hide. Poor old Jackpot John. His namesake prize wasn't won tonight, and so rolls over at £51 for next week. See you then!

Keanan L
Thursday Nov 14 @ 7 pm

Winners took a "Step Up" to the podium

Team "Step Up" smashed both rounds of tonights quiz, earning them top score and a pretty £30 Bar tab. "Here for the Beer" where here for the wine as they were second to last place, meaning they were awarded a Bottle of red to sweeten the defeat. Jackpot wasn't won, the plot thickens!

Dean D
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

No way Norway

An exciting two team race tonight with a three man Norwegian team pitting their knowledege against a two man English team. It was a tight race but in round two our English contingent managed a victory achieving a total of 24 points against the Norwegian score of 20.5 points. bedre lykke neste gang which means better luck next time.

Aukash Z
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Plan B win tonight

A rainy day outside, but a warm atmosphere inside! Tonight’s quiz was very high scoring, and there were only 3 points separating the top and bottom teams. The players enjoyed themselves, and it was a pleasure to be there host for the evening. A great venue, with great staff :)

Meghan G
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Busy one tonight !

Closest to question was super close ! Answer 7.2 million and one team guessed 6.9m! Amazing turnout tonight and lot’s of smiles all around ! Great scores and a very close call with a point between 1st and 2nd ! Change in cryptic questions guessing the actors/actresses and people seemed to like the change :) great night

Mike K
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Dogged Danglies storm it

The dog's danglies were tonight's British Queen Quiz champions, winning by an impressive twelve points from joint runners-up The Feathers and The lone ranger. Just two points separated the danglies from the Feathers at the half way stage, but they took the second half by storm to turn out worthy winners.

Ben P
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

Frocks destroy the competition

Well done to Frock Destroyers who claimed an impressive victory to secure another £50 bar tab, despite missing out on the ever increasing jackpot. Competition will be fierce next week as we return to our revamped venue with a brand new food menu! Come join in with what promises to be an epic night of trivia.

Luke T
Wednesday Nov 13 @ 8 pm

£709... WON!

What a night of quizzing! A great buzz as... * 22 teams stepped up - top 6 teams listed here * Last week's winners, The Growlers, nabbed £709 in the Rollover * 3-way tie break for the winner's £50 bar tab * 3-way tie break for the second to last platter of food Gosh. We do it all again next week, see you then Putney!

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