Festival of Flavour's Lip-Smacking Quiz

**Attention foodies of London! **

Do you love to dabble in a truffle or two, or explore the odd flight of wine?

Next week is the perfect opportunity to compete with one-another's passions for taste and indulgence, to see who really know's their Clarets from their Cabernets, or their Soufflés from their Crème brûlées! Teaming up with the White Brasserie Co, we've got some specially themed quizzes for you to clash spatulas over and pan-fry up some fantastic prizes!

White Brasserie's Festival of Flavour begins on 11th April and includes cheese tastings, A la Carte offers, exclusive festival ales and plenty of food tasters to keep your taste-buds tingling. And once your pallet is satisfied and thirst quenched, it's time to fire up your brain ready for one of our highly entertaining, warming, hungry-for-answers Quiz Masters to create a wonderful, competitive atmosphere. Whether you're a quiz novice or a self-proclaimed egg-head, there are rounds and prizes for all abilities, including bonus drink rounds and the occasional 2nd to last prize!

We're incredibly excited to dish up questions for you at the following venues -

**Tuesday 12th April **

The White Bear, Ruislip with Simon, 7:30pm.

Wednesday 13th April

The British Queen, Locksbottom with Ian, 8pm.

The Hare, Old Redding with Ben, 7:30pm.

The Highwayman, Berkhamsted with Nick, 7:30pm.

You can find out more details on The Festival of Flavour here