David M
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

The Spice Girls

It really was one of those nights where you just had to be there. You know those nights? This was one of those nights. People had travelled from all over! IE: Putney. I was surprised that it didn't end sooner, it seemed like it flew by. A brilliant crowd tonight. Very good playing. Well done "28 And Counting" for winning bottles of gin and well done "Straight Out Of Brompton" for winning the top prize of a great big bottle of gin and the cash. Amazeballs!

Howard S
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Great Turnaround!

At half time, eventual winners "Never Mind The Bollos" (see what they did there?) were a full four points behind the leaders. The moral of the story is obviously never give up but also its a quiz of two halves, never forget that! See you all next week for more fun!

Jonathon M
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Solid Win For Team Of Two

Another exciting night at The Westow House as we welcomed back a number of teams that we haven't seen in a while. The evening belonged to the team "Malcom & Dennis" - Fans of The Office, I see - As they not only took the top cash prize, but they also won one of the free drink questions and on top of that, had the best drawing in the creative round, winning a round of drinks for their table! Make sure you read up on your Halloween trivia for next week, as things are likely to...

Daniel H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Small But Loud!

On the anniversary of the publication of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, our teams at The Draft House in Battersea recreated Narnia themed sculptures this week, which were eventually won by the overall runners up, "The Barnstormers". However, they were beaten by transatlantic visitors "The Master Debators" by just one point. Honorary mentions to everyone else, who made up for the small numbers by making enough noise to ensure I had to whisper the questions to get silence. A great atmosphere and a lovely night as always. See you there next time!

Mike G
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

It's Almost Quizmas Apparently 🎄

Well it happened. It's October and the first festive question crept into the quiz. It's all good though, some people really do wish it could be Christmas every day. The rest of us had a great time to, covering topics like geography, music and the colour of Monica's walls in friends. One point separated 1st and 2nd place in the end and it was knowledge of angsty Canadian rock singers that made the difference. Good times.

Nigel B
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

The Boys Cruise To Victory.

Hi everyone, a nice crowd once again gathered here. To my delight, 3 new teams presented themselves tonight. The boys were out in force this evening, so much so that they were divided into three teams and it was one of those teams who leapt to the front and from that point never looked back. They ran out comfortable winners with 41 points. Excitement for the bottle of wine, which was won with a tiebreaker by "Meghxit". Great night had by all. See ya all next week!!

Keith H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

A Two-Dog Riot

... And we nearly had three dogs, too. This, heraldically speaking would either have made us the Clan Robertson, or the Stadt of Wurttemberg, or a 50% increase over the Canary Islands, or gained us a place in on of the houses of Game of Thrones. This may give rise to one of my notorious reserve questions. You have been warned, so now you can research it. Lovely to see old friends in the shape of "Knight Riders" reappear and new teams with ever more testing names to read out (to say nothing of teams changing...

Jessica S
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm


Tonight's quiz got off to a rocky start (thank you South Western Railway!) but that didn't stop our teams quizzing hard and giving it their all! Our creative round required all teams to create an emoji and we had some great ones! "Quite Unintelligent" came 3rd with their 'Knock Me Down with a Feather' emoji, "Book Karaoke's" 'Just Seen a Butt' came in 2nd and 1st place went to "Rosie & James" with a very classy 'D**k Head' emoji. That 1st place win and the extra three points that came with it unfortunately put them out...

Ellie W
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 8 pm

Which Book?

Which book do you think the rollover jackpot ticket is hiding in tonight? I can reveal that we had the wrong guess! The current rollover is at £150 cash, all you have to do is find the right book... Congrats to our winners "Conquizadoors" on the £40 tab win. Goodnight y’all :)

Clemente L
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Malcolm And Dennis Cause Havoc

Great quiz tonight here at The Draft House Camden! A full quiz meant 7 teams set out on a journey of general knowledge excellence. This weeks quiz was exceptionally hard so many teams began to dwindle towards the end. "Malcolm And Dennis" however showed their true colours and ended up wowing everyone else with a huge score 36 points. Well done to everyone involved!!

Rikki S
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

The Collaboration Wins The Day!

It was a close battle with only 3 points between the top 3 teams! But it was the collaborative team of "California’s Gold" that came out on top tonight. Many said "Team Blue Steel" should’ve got extra points for bringing a cute dog! However, the dog tried to bite the Quiz Master’s hand, so he said no!!

Sarah R
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

"Big Fact Hunt" Win Halloween Horrorshow!

"Big Fact Hunt" triumphed at The White Bear on Tuesday night, their victory was boosted by a win in the creative round. Tinfoil made a guest appearance as teams were asked to make a Halloween costume item to be modelled by a team member. "BFH's" Freddy Krueger glove won the approval of the bar staff. Second-to-bottom honours went to the "Manor Massive" & free drinks questions & the attendant points were won by "Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver" (round 1) & "The 5 O'Clock C**ks" (round 2). The jackpot question, like all the bonuses this...

Nick H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Nearly Four Wins On The Trot For "You're A Quizzard Harry!"

But sadly it wasn't to be, albeit only by a whisker as 30 points wasn't quite enough to win outright and a tiebreaker was therefore necessary enabling "Quiz Akabusi" to prevail this week and take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. In joint 3rd were "Pat's Palls" (again without the mysterious Pat) along with "Quiz on my face", who somehow worked out that '4 bits is a Nibble'- I'm not sure it's the same 'Nibble' they were thinking about, but ha ho. Unusually the outcome of the £20 bar voucher second prize was clear...

Joshua H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

C-C-Combo Break!

The reigning champions, "Ethel's Burgers", had their work cut out for them by the newly arrived "Saudi Consulate Booze-Fuelled Hanukkah Party". All teams smashed the records - The highest average score from any pub quiz I've ever seen! Most excitingly, we had a tie-breaker today. With 42 points each, it all came down to that last question. I love moments like that!

Andy D
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

"Treguards Beard" Win By A ‘Hairs’ Breadth!

Started quiet at Hammerton tonight.. AND THEN 10 TEAMS APPEARED OUT OF THIN AIR. Two teams drew tonight but "Treguards Beard" won in the head to head and picked up the bar tab! Well deserved. Lots of regular faces and some new ones too made up the lively crowd but sadly the jackpot was not won. It enters 3 figures next week so bring your A game for some more shenanigans!

Michael C
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm


On a busy and beautiful night in busy and beautiful Bethnal Green, 40 busy and beautiful people got ready for this week’s Birdcage quiz. At the end of one of the loudest quizzes since records began (when was that?) "Quiz in my Pantz" finally claimed their first ever victory. When pressed for comment, quizmaster Michael Chalkley simply said 'please speak softer my ears hurt'.

Richard L
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

A Truly International Quiz

Often at The Spice of Life there are people from different parts of the world, either competing in the regular Tuesday evening quiz or having a drink and enjoying a meal. Last night there were several American born quizzers but just after the half-way point in the quiz, seven more people arrived with each person coming from a different country, but knowing each other from attending university in London! Too late to join the quiz but keen to see what was going on, Quizmaster Richard Linton let the newcomers 'play along' with a spare picture sheet....

David J
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Brewdog's Champions

This week was the first time that Brewdog itself was able to assemble its own team and play along, after so many weeks behind the bar. They played very well, but in the end it was "Big Dave Give Us A Wave" who pulled through with a very respectable score of 31 points! As for the Jackpot game, which was ironically spearheaded by our two lowest scoring teams: "Quiztina Aguilera" & "Arizona"; went unclaimed and untouched, which does mean that next week we should be working with a Jackpot that's easier to win and worth at...

Marnie N
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

It's All In The Numbers!

It was packed and lively downstairs at The Marquis Cornwallis tonight. Lots of big teams, but no worries because the big team got ducked a point for being more than 6 and both of Matt's birthday teams had to find two other teams to swap with. We are nothing if not fair to all at The Marquiz! It was a three way in second place with "G'Day Baby Sussex" and both of Matt's birthday teams getting 36 each. However, it was a massive hats off to "10111", (apparently that's binary for 23!) who took the cash...

Benny A
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

Prizes All Round!

It was a rare thing tonight as no team went home empty handed! 4 large teams played for prizes and glory, bringing a whole lot of atmosphere with them. If it weren’t for the two free drinks questions, it would have been a sad moment seeing only one team leave with nothing, but "2 Scots, an Irish and a Welshman" were saved by their quick reflexes. Fun night! Until next time!

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