Georgina E
Sunday Apr 23 @ 8 pm

Diddy Kong, Charlotte Bronte and Kenneth Branagh walk into a bar...

Cosy quiz night in Kingston tonight. 4 teams played for the first prize of a £50 bar tab and free bottle of wine. Congratulations to all the teams that took part, and in particular to team "Mask A Pony", who won the jackpot of £114 cash!! The jackpot total will start up again next week and the more people that play, the bigger it gets!

Eddie E
Sunday Apr 23 @ 8 pm

Incredible Comeback...oh wait...

MC4 extraordinarily came from last place to first place with a final score of 38, until it was revealed that their score was wrongly calculated and it was actually 28. They then plunged back to last again. Well, actually second to last so they got a bag of sweets in the end! What drama! FIzzy won the big prize, The Kabbadis the next biggest prize. I also realised what the team name Norfolk n Chance means. It means everyone in the team comes from the county of Norfolk and then Chance is just a random word...

Tyrone A
Sunday Apr 23 @ 8 pm

Local Favourites Do It Again In Clapham..... Just.

Ken Dodd's Dad's Dogs Dead returned this evening and triumphed once more... But only just. Their victory was only assured via a tense tie break against young upstarts Nicholas Lyndhurst who finished equal points but were bested by a tough 'nearest to' question at the death. It was a tight contest throughout and as usual here, further demonstrated how utterly winnable this fun quiz is. Will you join us? Try and secure the wonderful £50 bar spend prize by coming along next and EVERY Sunday at Clapham's finest pub, the Jam Tree.

Tom K
Sunday Apr 23 @ 8 pm

Cult status!

A tricky quiz at the East Hill saw a few wise teams fighting for a share of the spoils. With current event questions like 'what interrupted a tennis match in Florida recently?' ''twas a mix of knowledge that came out in top. Bunch of Cults took away the £50 bar tab, whilst Where's Al? claimed a round of drinks! See you next week for a special bumper edition of the quiz over the bank holiday! Booking essential.

Marnie N
Sunday Apr 23 @ 8 pm

Marathon Effort!

No one at The Duke of Sussex ran 42K around London but they did answer 40 questions and that hard work paid off for Abandonment Issues who sprinted to the finish line in fine style beating Growlers into silver medal position. Get yourself in training for next week!

Jodyanne F
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Twenty six miles later...

It was lovely to see Capital Chorus back down at the Kings Arms tonight after singing their hearts out for the London Marathon. Craig-less cleaned up on the bonuses tonight taking both drinks and the anagram extra point but they fell three hundred and sixty five days short when challenged by Jerry, Margot, Tom and Barbara for the second to last bonus house prize bottle of wine letting the quartet take it home. Champions of the evening were Alternative Answers who pulled a dramatic 4.5 points ahead of the competition to easily claim the £30 bar...

Richard L
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Friends Can Also Be Rivals!

At last night's quiz a team of two competed against their friends, with whom they normally quiz resulting in a three point win over the larger team. Victorious last night was Sexual Ealing with an excellent score of 35, whilst Suprisingly Crisp and Fruity won the second to last prize - a bottle of red wine. One quizzer queried an answer regarding the largest province in Canada. Our question setter was proved right when it turned out that the team member's answer, was not a province!

Alice B
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Gin'll Fix It

Gin fixed it for our winning team with a strong score. Quiz akabussi got nearest to despite being 3 million out and almost won the jackpot but the last dastardly card means the prize rolls over next week. Some lovely new teams to join our fabulous regulars.

Ben P
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Drinks On The House for our Winners

Well done to tonight's champs All Drinks Are On The House who could afford to get a round in after their victory earned them over £60. This was much to the dismay of eventual third placers Jewy Jez and the Fresh Mince who were a comfortable 3.5 points clear in the middle of the quiz, but just goes to show that anything can happen here at Bull And Last

Ken B
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Bo Selecta!

It could have been Richard and Judy......but the winner is.....Team Bo Selecta! Congrats to these first timers who between just two of them scooped a whooping £50 bar tab with a healthy 10 point lead!

Lewis R
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

5 Past Chips take the tab and Snap-Quiztion snap up the wine!

A packed night in the Common Room at the Northcote saw several teams battle it out for the prestigious first place bar tab, and the rugby ladies that call themselves 5 Past Chips ended the night on top. Better Late Than Never only made it for the second half of the quiz, but still came close to taking a bottle of wine, with Snap Quiztion doing just well enough to come second-last.

Shaun B
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

A happy finish

We're a good bunch in the Cherry Tree, but tonight we were out classed. Two marathon finishers were enjoying bubbly with their very proud familit's, and so to show our respect they took home the free drinks this evening. Well done to them! And to finish, the birthday boy from team Cum Guzzler beat our higher or lower card game to take home £40! Team Darwin are still undefeated champions, 3 times in a row. Maybe someone next week will have what it takes to topple them...

Annette F
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

FRBY win by a hair's breath

It was a very close call between The Nightman Cometh and FRBY but an ingenious human-modelled mermaid tail as part of the creative round pushed the FRBYs ahead by 1 point to clinch the winner's prize.

Winter F
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Ultimate Power Group win by a nose.

Very closely matched tonight by the teams. Finally team Ultimate Power Group sealed their win with the tie-breaker. The second last team won the bottle of wine; celebrating their friend going into labour in style.

James B
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Hardly Athletic wins without hardly breaking a sweat

A lovely week at the Rose this week with a lot of people having just survived the London Marathon filling the pub but our teams this week had their own marathon to do... a marathon of the mind. In the end, without breaking a sweat, our previous champions Hardly Athletic managed an easy victory scoring 12 more points than the second place team. Hardly Athletic walk away with a round of roast dinners to enjoy whilst the jackpot remains to be won.

Alex D
Sunday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Brass half empty fill the podium position

Quite a few months have passed since Brass Half Empty entertained the crowd at the Prince of Wales with their live brass versions of popular Christmas carols. But now they have stormed back with a comprehensive victory.

Cookie M
Sunday Apr 23 @ 6 pm

Eastenders are number 1 in the West End!

Well not exactly the cast of Eastenders but aptly named team "Rickkkkkaaaaay!!!" Earned themselves top prize at this weeks drag quiz night at The Duck & Rice in London's West End with the quiz mistress of Soho myself - Cookie MonStar. Mixed spice came 2nd from last & earnt themselves a round of drinks but when it came to the jackpot there were no winners! Freshly back from a trip down under (no sarcastic comments please!) not only did we have a quiz but i also gave away some Australian delicacies (Caramello Koalas) and treated the...

Shaun B
Thursday Apr 20 @ 8 pm

My God...

The longest tiebreaker in history tonight. 2 closest to questions, 6 true or false questions. Nearly had them dance off for the prize, and the was all for the re-started £10 rollover. Craic was mighty as ever though! Plough is the place to be Thursday night

Daniel C
Thursday Apr 20 @ 8 pm

Returning champs

Well done to team James monthly flick fest who returned after their 3 week break to narrowly win it tonight on 42 points, beating off stiff opposition from team Jenny's roll back and the four skins who had 41. No winners on tonight's £50 cash roll over jack pot. Great atmosphere on the pub tonight with plenty of laughs amongst the teams, roll on next week for more fun

Graham E
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Clash of the Titans!

A great night of quizzing saw a classic battle between three top regular sides - 'room to rent', 'red lorry yellow lorry' and 'quiztal meth' - with 'room to rent' just edging it by one point and collecting a £40 bar tab in the process. Imperial College physicists 'Frazer's Fulham Fanboiz' demonstrated the breadth of their knowledge and grabbed the bottle of wine with a creditable 30 points.

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