Nick H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Nearly Four Wins On The Trot For "You're A Quizzard Harry!"

But sadly it wasn't to be, albeit only by a whisker as 30 points wasn't quite enough to win outright and a tiebreaker was therefore necessary enabling "Quiz Akabusi" to prevail this week and take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. In joint 3rd were "Pat's Palls" (again without the mysterious Pat) along with "Quiz on my face", who somehow worked out that '4 bits is a Nibble'- I'm not sure it's the same 'Nibble' they were thinking about, but ha ho. Unusually the outcome of the £20 bar voucher second prize was clear...

Michael C
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm


On a busy and beautiful night in busy and beautiful Bethnal Green, 40 busy and beautiful people got ready for this week’s Birdcage quiz. At the end of one of the loudest quizzes since records began (when was that?) "Quiz in my Pantz" finally claimed their first ever victory. When pressed for comment, quizmaster Michael Chalkley simply said 'please speak softer my ears hurt'.

David J
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Brewdog's Champions

This week was the first time that Brewdog itself was able to assemble its own team and play along, after so many weeks behind the bar. They played very well, but in the end it was "Big Dave Give Us A Wave" who pulled through with a very respectable score of 31 points! As for the Jackpot game, which was ironically spearheaded by our two lowest scoring teams: "Quiztina Aguilera" & "Arizona"; went unclaimed and untouched, which does mean that next week we should be working with a Jackpot that's easier to win and worth at...

Richard L
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

A Truly International Quiz

Often at The Spice of Life there are people from different parts of the world, either competing in the regular Tuesday evening quiz or having a drink and enjoying a meal. Last night there were several American born quizzers but just after the half-way point in the quiz, seven more people arrived with each person coming from a different country, but knowing each other from attending university in London! Too late to join the quiz but keen to see what was going on, Quizmaster Richard Linton let the newcomers 'play along' with a spare picture sheet....

Marnie N
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

It's All In The Numbers!

It was packed and lively downstairs at The Marquis Cornwallis tonight. Lots of big teams, but no worries because the big team got ducked a point for being more than 6 and both of Matt's birthday teams had to find two other teams to swap with. We are nothing if not fair to all at The Marquiz! It was a three way in second place with "G'Day Baby Sussex" and both of Matt's birthday teams getting 36 each. However, it was a massive hats off to "10111", (apparently that's binary for 23!) who took the cash...

Benny A
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

Prizes All Round!

It was a rare thing tonight as no team went home empty handed! 4 large teams played for prizes and glory, bringing a whole lot of atmosphere with them. If it weren’t for the two free drinks questions, it would have been a sad moment seeing only one team leave with nothing, but "2 Scots, an Irish and a Welshman" were saved by their quick reflexes. Fun night! Until next time!

Tom K
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

"Selhurst Parkers" Claim Another One!

It was a tough quiz at The Roundhouse, but that didn't stop the regulars coming out in force to once again put their wits against each other... Alex may not have made an appearance but his team did just fine without him as "Where's Alex?!" saw themselves thrown into a tiebreak with last week's winners, "Selhurst Parkers". But, in an incredibly tight game, it was the Crystal Palace faithful that just tipped the balance their way and walked away yet again with the £100 bar tab. Join us next Monday at 8pm to see if you...

Luke T
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Monday Quizzing Madness In Putney

Well that was a lot of fun wasn't it? A good buzz at The Coat and Badge tonight - 6 teams in the mix with prizes galore including a £68 rollover at 1 in 9 odds - It wasn't won in the end, so £88 next week with a 1 in 8 chance. I absent-mindedly left the pub without the teams' score sheets - Sorry, long day and all that. This means no internet hall of fame here tonight. But you all did very well. Apart from a few of you who did quite badly. Still,...

Michael L
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Colouring-In Time!

For a bonus bunch of points this week, the teams had to colour in Marge and Bart Simpson with exactly all of the right colours! Think you would have got the lot, well that would have earned you a bonus 9 points tallied to your score. Which helps to explain how this week our most regular of regulars; "Berzerk Llama Syndrome" managed their HIGHEST EVER SCORE I’ve ever seen quizzing with an absolutely whopping 53 POINTS!!

Dean D
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

"The Antipodeans" Finally Win The Bottle Of Wine!

In an exiting four team race, the effort, dedication and sheer mental sweat came from the team that was most motivated to win. It was "The Antipodeans"! They have been chasing that second to last place position for the bottle of wine for several weeks now. The two New Zealand boys have drafted in various extra mental muscle but it was when they got Mum to come in that things started to turn around for them; Culminating in Mondays bottle of wine win and a third place position to boot. Every team achieved a more than...

David M
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

A Night Of Questions

The football was on but no one cared about that apart from the people who were watching it I guess. For a while it looked like "Two Men And A Vegan" were not going to win it but as soon as they turned up it was obvious that they were in for a good chance. They really started to take off as soon as they started to play and that continued right until the end. Well done everyone. Amazeballs!

Celia L
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Beginner’s Luck

7 teams tonight at The Castle battling it out for bar tabs and vino. Congrats to newcomers - Literal newcomers! They got into London only a few hours earlier and came for a good ol’ traditional pub quiz!! And they were "M&M" who had a crack at winning the jackpot tonight but lost out on the 4th card. Rotten luck but they managed to win the wine tonight so all was not lost! Welcome to London!! Lastly, a big congratulations to reigning champs "Drawing Of A C**k" with a phenomenal score of 36.5!

Joseph T
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Plenty Of Prizes At The Kings Arms

It was a cosy but close fought night at the The Kings Arms tonight. Thanks to a bonus anagram point, former Thursday night regulars, "Quizteam-A Aguillera" hit the ground running with their debut Monday appearance and got themselves a £40 bar tab. However, "Universally Challenged" got their hands on not only the craft beer bonus, but also the Prosecco for the charity raffle. They stepped up again with a chance at the cash jackpot but made a poor choice and won nought but a hug from me!

Patsy P
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Absolutely No Sweat For "Sweater Weather"

"Sweater Weather" made easy weather of the quiz at The Colton Arms tonight and swept to victory taking home the £50 bar tab, even despite losing three points for having a team of nine. They were hotly pursued by "Quizzee Rascals" who came so close, but couldn't quite bridge the gap to force a tie break. Best team name of the night: "Quizteamer Aguilera" were justly rewarded with a bottle of Prosecco for coming second to last and the ever elusive Jackpot still hasn't been won, which means a massive rollover for next week. Surely we'll...

Bethany I
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Bursting At The Seams At The Boot!

Today was great fun with the biggest crowd yet down at the Monday Night Quiz at the Boot! We had some beautiful hot air balloons for the creative round and we all learned what a Pangolin was! The jackpot was sorely contested with a second question having to be asked after a tie between two teams, but after all that it still hasn't been won. Only 3 jackpot envelopes left to choose from - See you all down at The Boot next week for your chance to win your go at picking one!!

Ellie W
Monday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Got The Giggles...

This doesn’t happen very often but y’all gave me the giggles tonight. Thanks to so many of you who turned up for the rollover! Congrats to our lovely winners in the photo - Well deserved and don’t spend it all on sweets. See you next Monday from 8 :)

Daniel C
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Closest Night To Date!

We had the closest night ever tonight with just 1 point separating the top 3 teams! Regular team "Red Leather Yellow Leather" finished with a total of 36 points to win themselves a £50 bar tab, just behind them we had "Absolute Mess" and "Green Ed’s and Sam" who were tied for second on 35 points. A very close tie breaker saw "Green Ed’s" win their first ever tie breaker and take home a bottle of wine, a worthy prize. See you next time!

Marc F
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Just Desserts For "Triple Trifle"

Quiz regulars "Triple Trifle" bagged themselves another win with an impressive score of 39! Knowledge on gambling and blood types made all the difference as the other teams failed to make up ground lost from the first half. Special mention to "Tangram" who amassed an impressive 17 with just one team member. He also won a bonus drink for knowing the fifth Beatle! Good fun all around, see you next time for more questions and fun!

Josh H
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

🥇 "None Of Your Quizness" 🥇 Do The Business! 💰

What a quiz and what a lovely evening! We are building up a few regular teams now at The Perseverance and it's always great fun and highly competitive with four different winners over the last four weeks! This week it was time for 🥇 "None Of Your Quizness" 🥇 to take the honours after a towering performance. They came so close last week as it went down to a tie break decider and just missed out but there was no stopping them this time around! The creative round this week was to imagine Meghan Markle was...

Marnie N
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Two Bangs Bring It

Another packed house at The Duke saw the bar full of quiz enthusiasts ready to take on the 40 question challenge. Lots of new teams gave it a go with "Question Mark" coming second to Last and getting a bottle of wine. "Maple Baconeers" did their best to beat "Interabang" who held off stiff competition despite being a team of two!! Well done guys. Join us next week for 40 more questions and lots more fun!

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