Quiz Quest Customise your event




  • Professional Host

    One of our trained Quizmasters will be on hand to entertain and guide you through the activity!

  • Quiz Questions

    Our hugely popular quiz is dissected and rebuilt into a scavenger hunt format.

  • Route Planning

    We will compose a seperate, secret route for each team to take.

  • Custom Maps & Clues

    We design a bespoke route map for your teams, including points of interest along the way. We provide electronic copies of these before your event.

  • Duration 3 Hours

    Standard Quiz Quest duration including set up time.

  • Professional Guidance & Support

    Our dedicated team will be on hand to guide you on how to achieve a great turnout for your event and how to create a talk-of-the-town quiz night! We are also on call to deal with any urgent inquiries and emergencies on the night of your quiz.

Contact us: 020 3318 7666