Weekly Quiz Customise your event





  • Professional Guidance & Support

    Our dedicated team will be on hand to guide you on how to achieve a great turnout for your event and how to create a talk-of-the-town quiz night! We are also on call to deal with any urgent inquiries and emergencies on the night of your quiz.

  • Two Free Quizzes in the First Two Months

    We're offering two free quizzes in the first 8 consecutive weeks of quizzing with us as an incentive to help you grow your weekly event. We will deduct the cheapest quiz from the previous four weeks from your fourth quiz.

  • 40 Question Quiz

    Our popular format 40 question quiz, with pictures, puzzles, current events, music, general knowledge and more!

  • Onsite Consultation

    A free consultation with a Question One team member.

  • Professional Quizmaster

    A professional, trained Quizmaster for your event.

  • A Spot on Our Quiz Map

    Your venue will be placed on our quiz finding map, on our homepage. This makes it much easier for players to find their nearest quiz!

  • Picture Sheets, Answer Sheets and Pens

    All the equipment you need for your players!

  • Online 'Quiz Finder' Listing

    We will list you on our website's Quiz Finder application, allowing people to search for Question One quizzes in their local area and providing them with basic information and event photos and blogs.

  • Weekly Photos & Blogs

    Our Quizmasters will upload photos of your event and write a short blog post including team leaderboards, which we will share on our website and social media platforms.

Contact us: 020 3318 7666