Alwyne Castle Tue, Aug 07 2018 20:00

Chuckle Quizion

Celia L

Well we all had the late Barry Chuckle in our hearts and our team names this evening. We had two teams tied for first place for cracking scores of 49, so we had to do a tie breaker and as the room which was the winning team name. Clearly our participants at The Alwyne Castle have a rather dark sense of humour and voted for “To Me, TOMB you”!!! Congrats to our winners and commiserations to “Cabbage Snakes”. Never underestimate the power of the team name!!!

Congrats to the returning dynamic duo of “Cataquizmically Bad” - clearly not- so as they won their second to last place wine!! Hurrah!!

No jackpot winners tonight but good new as that cash pot is maturing very nicely as these weeks go by!

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