Alwyne Castle Tue, Apr 10 2018 20:00

For Fact’s Sake!

Celia L

Well that first round lulled us into a very false sense of security - with some almost perfect scores from over half our teams tonight! But it is round 2 that divides the Quizzing throng and those at the top of the leaderboard going onto the second half did truly have a fall from grace with the difficulty in comparison to the previous round!! Rule number 1 in Quizzing : don’t get complacent at half time and consume more alcohol- it doesn’t help your brain in retrieving the information for the quiz!!

But Quizteam Aguilera managed to Tay strong and battle through round 2 coming out with once again an almost perfect score!!! Very well deserved indeed.

And congratulations to the dynamic duo from “For Fact’s Sake” for having the best team name of the night, winning the bottle of wine and having the chance to win the cash jackpot this evening. Unfortunately they didn’t choose the winning envelope, but that does mean that our jackpot next week will be rolling over into the £100 marker. Serious cash money now guys- I know I’d be coming back next week for a chance to walk away with that!!!

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