Alwyne Castle Tue, Nov 27 2018 20:00

"Hoops I Did It Again"

Celia L

That team name just really tickled me!! They are a netball team and after training tonight they came to test their mental agility skills! They were front runners at the end of round one but slipped back during the second! Rotten luck but good sports all round and very well done on their first quiz

Congrats to our regulars “Highbury Dry Cleaners” who show that practice makes first place!! Their consistent efforts were thus rewarded tonight as they walked off with their winnings in hand.

and newcomers “Burger and Chips” came tonight with their eyes on the wine and low behold they shot and they scored a bottle of vino!!!

I wonder if someone will win the jackpot for Christmas... That would be a very merry Christmas indeed!

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