Alwyne Castle Tue, Nov 28 2017 20:00

Microphones are overrated anyway

Skye V

Tonight at Alwyne Castle, we had a completely uneventful quiz... Just kidding! The evening started of great with 10 amazing teams battling each other for the prizes. But halfway through the second round, disaster struck! The microphone died a painful and noisy death, and what is a quizhost to do without her trusty microphone? I'll tell you what she does; scream until her voice gives out. Luckily the teams at The Castle were absolutely amazing and took it upon themselves to shush each other aggressively whenever I tried to ask a question. Nothing makes you feel quite as powerful like managing to create dead silence in a crowded pub!
Luckily we made it through without too much trouble, only to be hit with another obstacle! It does not happen often where two teams manage to come out on top, but I've certainly never seen THREE teams tie for first position. Time for a tiebreaker! Or two... Or... Three? Guys, tiebreakers don't work if two of you keep guessing the exact same thing! Luckily they were great sports and after 3 questions they decided to just split the prize. (Which was a great plan, because when I asked a fourth question "just to see", they managed to get the same score yet again!).

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