Alwyne Castle Tue, Apr 24 2018 20:00

Quizzing Makes Royal Babies

Celia L

Celebrating the news highlight of the week in London, it seemed only fitting that at the end of round one the team that still was without a name to present then called themselves so fittingly “Unnamed like the Royal Baby”. That made me tickle quite a lot and it was only fair they won an extra point for best team name this week!!

However it wasn’t enough to compete with “Dale Winton’s Hole In The Ground” (Too soon!!! But darkly humorous...) who steamed ahead with 42 points at the end of this evening’s quiz! It’s gonna take a lot to beat this terrible trio.

Tiebreaker time came between Hel’s Angels and Mum, Me & Her for the bottle of wine where we did a new game of Word Association to whittle down to the winning team - Mum, Me & Her very happily claiming their victory wine!

Congratulations to Donna for stepping into the winner’s circle however she wasn’t lucky enough to secure the cash jackpot prize. Will next week be someone’s lucky week as we edge closer to £150?

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