Alwyne Castle Tue, Jul 31 2018 20:00

The Name Game

Celia L

Thank the LORD that Love Island is over!!! Finally, people now have reclaimed their evening’s for actually socialising and engaging with people in real life instead of through the television!!

Some creative and quirky team names tonight now I have introduced my new Bonus Points for best team name of the evening- and these points make all the difference, as was the testament to our winners “Jeremy Hunt’s Chinese Takeaway” - who claimed top spot with thanks to their wit.

Congrats to the team formerly known as “Highbury Dry Cleaners” tonight christened as “May & Macron’s Love Island” - who came in second to last winning their wine.

Commiserations to our runners-up “The Do Bits Society” whose victory was snatched at the last moment by the sneaky Jeremy’s hunt’s Chinese takeaway who sailed past them with their winning team name points.

No jackpots were won tonight so there’s more money to be won next week as our cash jackpot matures well into the £100 mark... stay tuned...

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