Alwyne Castle Tue, Jun 12 2018 20:00

Today I had my Quizdom Tooth Removed

Celia L

Returning team “Quizzie Rascal” came with fewer members than usual, however clearly they don’t need them as they came out on top tonight and had a perfect score in round one!!! We certainly know which team members have all the brains now, ey? And that prize money is far more nicely split amongst three than six... am I right?

Aye it’s true that your Quiz Mistress is a wee bit older but less wise this week, having had her wisdom tooth yanked out this morning. 4 hours and the anaesthetic will wear off my arse!!! We were still a bit lispy and swollen at the beginning of the quiz but back into the stride as we continued!!

And we have another returning triumphant team innit for the wine every time and that is the girls from The Boozy Bunch who won the jackpot money their first week quizzing, won wine the second time and have performed a hat trick and managed to pitch it just right for another bottle of wine this third week in a row!! Very well done indeed ladies. A good game played by all. Who will trounce this trio and win some wine next week???

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