Alwyne Castle Tue, Dec 11 2018 20:00

What A 'Cracker' For The Quizmas Parties!

Marc F

The Alwyne was jammed packed with festive merriment as teams went head to head to test intra-office/friendship rivalries.
As teams were busy psyching each other out, it was the unassuming "HNBC" team who triumphed by three points, even with a one point fine. They didn't need anything repeated, they needed no clues, nor did they have the temerity to ask for them. They were even good at Rock Paper Scissors and blagged themselves a free drink. But, best of all, they let the action of the pen speak louder than words and showcase their varied knowledge from obscure Simpsons characters to even more obscure medical conditions. The deserved the gargantuan prize pot of £99, so Merry Christmas to them.
The bottle of wine winners, "Pikachu" also had some macabre knowledge of when the lethal injection was first used, securing them a chance for the jackpot. As some teams guesses were over century out, they somehow knew the correct year. Maybe they were there. Maybe they knew someone there. Who knows? But they didn't have time to Google it — I promise! It didn't matter, though, they failed to pick out the one envelope out of eight that had the word 'winner' written on it, so the jackpot now stands at a mammoth £215!!
You'd better be back next week for the last quiz before Christmas because not only will the jackpot be big but the pot could also get close to the £100 mark as it did this week. So you there at 8pm.

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