Angel on the Bridge, Henley-on-Thames Wed, Oct 10 2018 20:00

A Mixture Of Canine Maturity And Human Youth Conquer The Angel!

James C

A resounding victory for "Lola's (the dog) Crew", who, on a warm autumnal night that saw a balanced mixture between youth and experience, wisdom and knowledge, with both newcomers and hardened veterans, were able to claim the top spot position. The mascot of - and inspiration for - the winning squad sat quietly and patiently on her owner's lap most night of the night, haughtily posing for the champions picture at the end, clearly very proud of her team's performance. The jackpot wasn't won (again!), which means that, next week, one of the sides will have the chance to play for an enticing £114 prize!
See you there next week!!

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