Angel Mon, Nov 23 2015 19:00

No Team Without A Prize

Mark W

It doesn't happen often and it can never be guaranteed but sometimes the conditions are right that no team that signs up to a Question One quiz goes without a prize, and so it was tonight at The Angel on The City Road just East of Old Street.

Sppecial Pub Posse, whose extra "p" has a significance which they will not divulge, ppicked up the pprize money, which is only fair as they scored the greatest number of ppoints. They'll be eager to come back again to repeat the performance I'm sure but they will may face a colonial challenger in the form of the Canadian Quizzly Bears who took second prize this evening. There's no third prize, but for the team in third place were well compensated, the misnamed Clueless won both free drink questions, proving themselves not unclued on the novels of Irvine Welsh or the monikers of Jim Morrison.

It can't happen every week that every team will win a prize, unless the prizes in question are the prizes of fun, competetive challenge and mental stimulation, of course.

And if you've never been to The Angel before then here's your first challenge - before you come along try and name as many films as you can that have the word "Angel" in the title. There's film posters of nearly every one in the history of cinema on the walls; see how many of them you can get.

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