Anglers Tue, Jul 18 2017 20:00

A Storm Was Brewing, It Must Have Been A Force Of Nature

Ben G

There was electricity forming in the sky above the Anglers tonight and the atmosphere down below was equally as heated. It was a packed house as the clouds circled and the thunder struck. A storm was brewing in Teddington. Who would win this electric quiz night? The first half was frenetic as Dr Who-overing hit the top spot with Megaforce, Michael Jugless, Great Balls Of Fire and I Said That! Nipping at their heels. It was the second half where the electric energy rose. It was sparkier than a sparkler being dropped into a vat of other sparklers by Sparky McSparkle Face! It went off in the second half. The lead was changed and fortunes were made during this thunderous encounter. As we all know when this happens at our favourite Teddington drinking hole there is only one result...yes of course it is our famous tiebreaker! Megaforce and Michael Jugless were tied for victory. The question was about Buckingham Palace and it's rooms. Let's just say I wouldn't want to decorate our Majesty's home. It was a win the Megaforce. They haven't won for a while so well done them. Linda from Great Balls of Fire came up for a ride down my river but alas she hit a pair of eights and was scuppered. It does mean we are looking at over £200 next week. Could you take home all that cash? Will Sanchez ever leave Arsenal? How long does it take to clean the Palace? Find out next week, same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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