Anglers Tue, Nov 14 2017 20:00

Angling for a Megaforce

Mark T

You know when the quiz is getting fun? When the bar staff start getting involved. They have wanted to for ages to be honest, but it was just a little bit quieter tonight, so they would scamper from serving to cleaning to all the things, bar people do.... and had a bit of fun with everyone else.

Richard was in charge tonight, and the horseracing question (he loves his horse racing) was driving him nuts - I think he overthought it to be honest.

John was in charge of any question dealing with the human body, as that is what he is studying at uni... no, not the girls, the subject! He also knew the words to Boom Boom Pow, by The Black Eyed Peas, and was requested by the Bird Brains for a little rendition. He went a little shy at that point.

Fin jumped in with Disney questions and one or two geography

But... they were no challange for the regulars. Not easy working and working out cryptic US states.

Megaforce returned to previous form tonight, with a stunning 39.5 points. And the Jackpot was so very nearly won... just one card short in Play Your Cards Right!

Have a week, I'll see you at the next pub quiz that gets everyuone smiling. The Anglers, Tuesday 22nd at 8pm.


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