Anglers Tue, Oct 11 2016 20:00

Before a Mega defeat you should Paws for thought...

Ben G

Tonight was the night that the Megaforce could make it five on the spin. Come on Quizland surely not! Could anybody stop this defiant run of wins? At the half we had a repeat of last week's finale - The TJC's and you flaming guessed it, our resident eggheads Megaforce tied for first place. It was looking ominous as we headed to the finish line. Some fantastic team names taking the rise out of Megaforce's superb run of form added to the spicy atmosphere. I thought I may need a police escort to the car if they did make it a five on the trot winning streak. So did they do it I hear you ask? Well barbecue my pants and call me Susan! Our quiz chums Megaforce felt the pressure and slipped away into a close third place. It was the two teams with the parody names that tied for first. Smegapaws and Mega Horse went into a tiebreaker. These two jokers had a question about London house prices and the winners were Smegapaws, gazzumping the others to the spoils. We have new champs at the Anglers and to be honest I was just glad to get to my car unscathed. What a night in Teddington, you had to be there! See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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Tonight's Raffle Ticket Winning Number is 368