Anglers Tue, Apr 11 2017 20:00

Birds, Brains, Buffons, Beer and British Quiziness = Anglers Champions

Ben G

We were under starter's orders pretty quickly tonight and no false starts as a packed Anglers hosted quiz Brains from around Teddington. The first half saw The Bird Brains ft The Geordie Buffon, The Great British Fact Hunt, Megaforce and United Airlines-Not Enough Seating You're In For A Beating taking the top spots and the second half didn't disappoint either. With the United Airlines team getting rowdy and The air stewards from The Great British Fact Hunt starting to go the same way, I thought we might end up with a mid air quiz disaster. Luckily I didn't have to drag anyone from their seats but all this meant was a final thrust of the quiz engines for The Bird Brains ft The Geordie Buffon and they reached their champion's destination by one solitary point. This is your captain speaking - we just had a close shave! A member of the United Airlines crew came up for a slice of Play Your Cards Right and hit a pair on the first two cards. It wasn't to be. It does mean the jackpot is a massive £243 to start off next week's shenanigans. Could you swerve a pair to win the rollover? Can you manage to stay in your seat for quiz take off? What am I going to do if there is a slow news week? Find out next week. Same quiz time, same quiz channel. We have reached our final destination. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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The Bird Brains ft The Geordie Buffon
United Airlines - Not Enough Seating You're In For A Beating
The Great British Fact Hunt
Wenger May the Fourth Go With You