Anglers Tue, Oct 10 2017 20:00

Close... but no cigar

Mark T

A huge upset this week with the quizzing powerhouse 'Megaforce' coming 5th place!! Were they tired? Were they too busy chatting about a mad week over a few drinks, or too busy enjoying their dinner, paid for by last week's winnings? Either way, it was very unusual. I'm sure they will be back in fighting form next week.

Actually, I say that, and maybe it is a little unfair, as they only lost by 2 points. The competition was fierce this week, with one team in particular bringing in their secret weapon. In their words, not hers, they had the brain of Britain flown in (From Sheen) to lend a hand... or more accurately, a few brain cells... and it paid off. Winning with 37 points, team 'Special Friends' won by a slim half a point. As you can see, 5 teams squashed between 2 points made for a very exciting final round.

Have you got what it takes to challenge the greatest minds that Teddington has to offer?

You have? Great, then we'll be seeing you next week then at The Anglers pub.

Have a great week,


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