Anglers Tue, May 16 2017 20:00

Fight To The Finish Coz I Eats Me Spinach!

Ben G

It was an unprecedented night at The Anglers. There was literally standing room only as seventeen teams took to the battlefield. A competitive first round saw only five points between the top eleven teams. Megaforce and Family Phwoartunes were tied for first. There were many beverages touching the the lips of the fierce rivals which made for a rowdy second half hangover. Speaking of which, I thought I saw a bleary eyed Holly Whilabooby sneaking out of the back door as the quizzerrs settled in for a fight. The second round saw Megaforce just pipping The Blight at the End of the Tunnel to first place. Megaforce seem to be winning more often than Ant and Dec at an award ceremony. Nicole from the company 'Shell' came up to cruise down my river. She got half way but had bad luck with a seven. The captain never leaves a sinking ship right? It means that next week the jackpot will be well over £500! Could you win all that money? Will Holly Whilabooby ever turn up for work without a hangover? Will the TJC's make a full comeback? Find out next week, same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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The Blight at the End of the Tunnel
I Said That!
Family Phwoartunes
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