Anglers Tue, Mar 07 2017 20:00

Four Ways To Win A Fight On Tuesday Night

Ben G

I want to set the scene... The Anglers pub was packed to the rafters, the tension so thick you would need a chainsaw to cut it, fourteen eager teams champing at the bit and outside by the silent river you could hear the faint bellows of "Let's get ready to rumble!". Not the classic by Ant & Dec but that all too familiar boxing cry before a big fight. This was going to be an epic quiz night in Teddington! The football lads were on for the treble and everyone else was looking to finish them off before the bell had rung. It was Zlat the Impailer that had the lead after the first round but it wasn't till the second half that it got interesting. This was a real fight to the finish. Trainers were mopping brows every second and the onslaught just kept coming. It was closer than David Haye was to the ringside crowd on Saturday night! Then something unprecedented happened...we had a four way tie for first. It went to the wire but I Said That! Won the night and Adam from Zlat the Impailer took the pot in our jackpot rollover! Towels were being thrown in left, right and centre. It was time to hand over the belts to the new heavyweights of quizzing. Can you top that for a night out? Could you be the next Anglers champions? Could you read a whole blog without thinking 'who on Earth writes this stuff?' Well find out next time. Same quiz, time same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland!

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