Anglers Tue, Oct 24 2017 20:00

Half Term Highlights

Mark T

A little quieter than usual... but then that's to be expected on a half term, especailly the last break before Christmas. People jetting all over the world in search of sunshine, relaxation or culture. I'm off to India for 10 days tomorrow, so will miss next week's quiz. I hear they have someone really good standing in for me - but I hope they are not too good :P

And, by pure chance, we had a lady by herself from the sub continent of India, bravely taking on the quiz by herself. I hope she brings friends next time, as she done pretty good by herself!

I might even have to add a few Indian questions to the quiz when I get back - curry anyone?

'The Brainbirds' always use a different name each week, and they were back to form tonight - reclaiming their crown over a respite of a few weeks. Challengers 'I Said That', and 'Lets Get Quizzical' making sure it wasn't an easy victory. I'll miss the crowd next week, but I'll soon be back.

Have a great week,


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