Anglers Tue, May 09 2017 20:00

If Diane Abbott Did The Scoring They Would Alll Be Winners!

Ben G

Another packed house at The Anglers saw 15 teams battle it out for quiz supremacy. It was an intense affair from start to finish. The points were spread out in the first half with Diane Abbott's Rule of Dumb leading the charge. Luckily for them they weren't being interviewed on the radio so they could concentrate on their quiz knowledge. The second half turned out to be a cracker, there were more points flying around than in a a Chinese needle factory. After we got Diane Abbott to tot up the scores, the lead changed several times until we eventually settled on a winner or two. That's right you guessed it- our obligatory Anglers tiebreaker! The Fantastic Phwoar +2 and Macron Made Le Pen Run Dry battled it out with a question about how many times the human skin regenerates. Two very different answers but it was to be The Fantastic Phwoar's night. Well done to an awesome foursome and two. The jackpot is rolling, rolling, rolling and is now over £400 after Ben from Le Macron came up and got to the 3rd card on my river. Could you reach the end of my river? Can I ever cook a chicken Kiev without the filling coming out? Will the new police force work for £8000 a year? Find out next week, same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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