Anglers Tue, Jan 31 2017 20:00

Mega (I'm running out of headline puns) Force Another Victory

Ben G

As the rain lashed the sodden windows of the Anglers, I found myself pondering on what quizzical magic would surely ensue. And magical it was but not a wand or butter beer in sight. A tough first half saw the scores wide open for a truly 'mega' second round. It was a fight to the finish as last week's champs fought it out with the Megaforce and I Said That! It went right to the wire but there could be only one winner. The Force did it again and were subjected to sarcastic boos all round.
The jackpot rollover was also an exciting part of a stormy night. Rick from I Said That! Came up to play for the second week in a row! His penultimate card was an 8 and you guessed it he went higher and found himself with a 9! Well done him, he walked away with a bumper £76 in his sky rocket. Can you win the jackpot? Can you stop the Force going on another winning streak? Come down and find out. See you next Tuesday Quizland, same quiz time, same quiz channel...

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