Anglers Tue, Nov 21 2017 20:00

Megan is leaving

Mark T

Megan has a lovely smile - I say that after just learning her name, but then I'm terrible with names. That smile has made her lots of friends though, as she brought 12 with her to do the quiz to celebrate her new job in China. How cool is that? They would have easily won too, if I'd not had to dock them 7 points for having such a large team (1 point for every person above 6). They could have split into 2 teams, but friends don't do that when celebrating - might have been fun to see who won though.

The winning team this week were, ahem, Emma Roids... the team that loves to think of embarressing names for me to have to call out. Thank goodness they didn't win last week - that was a shocker ;)

Jackpot was so nearly won, so rolls over to £207 next week. And... the Christmas quiz is on December the 5th this year, and will be with a guaranteed jackpot winner to round the year off.

Have a great week,


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